Image courtesy of PUBG.

Update #24 – Winter is Here

With a new update comes a new map to PUBG. Vikendi is a 6×6 snowy map featuring a wide variety of abandoned attractions. It was previously an isolated Northern resort island in the shadow of Mount Kreznic. Explore the ruins of an old Dino Park or investigate the Cosmodrome spacecraft launch site, to name a few.

The land is bitterly cold and as beautiful as it is dangerous. Tracking opponents can be as easy as following their footprints in the snow. Nights are long but illuminated by aurora lights dancing in the sky.

New Items Exclusive to Vikendi

The new AR-G36C assault rifle. Image courtesy of PUBG.

This map includes the exclusive G36C Assault Rifle in place of the SCAR. It is chambered for 5056 ammo. By default, it can hold 30 bullets, but it can hold 40 with an extended magazine.

In addition, getting around in the ice and snow will be easier with the help of the new vehicle, the snowmobile. It can seat 2 people. While the snowmobile can get around better than other vehicles in the snow, it doesn’t do so well on other terrain.

Replay Editor Gets an Overhaul

Become the director of your reply with the new and improved replay editor. Make dynamic videos with creative camera angles and special effects. You can create 3D paths for the camera to follow and export clips when you’re done.

Take control of your own PUBG movie with the new video editor. Image courtesy of PUBG.

Next for PUBG

PUBG will be overhauling its parachuting system in the next patch. Imagine being able to glide or dive during freefall and cut your chute before hitting the ground. Improved animations will also make the entire experience better.

For more detailed information about the Vikendi update, including bug fixes and survivor pass, read the official announcement on the PUBG website.

The developers encourage feedback on the Official Forums or Reddit. Love it or hate it, let them know. Also, let us know what you think of this update in the comments down below!