PUBG players have recently had the opportunity to witness a change which will surely shift the tide of the game!

Patch 19 includes Limb penetration, improvements including item stacking and weapon attachment UI. Also, an “uncapped” FPS setting, Dynamic Weather on Erangel and Miramar, and performance optimization. But the most attractive and discussable feature pertains to limb penetration. This is a change that players have been waiting for quite a long time. What does it really include in itself? 

Patch Highlights

In the new patch, limb extremities (hands and arms) can be penetrated by bullets. Players hit in these areas of the bodies will receive higher damage. In the live version, a character’s hands will receive the lowest amount of damage of any limb. They would also protect against headshots if a player was to aim down sights. In the new patch, the arms will not have a hitbox, which will allow players to hit directly through them.


The new Bullet system will not include legs. It is designed to put an end to the infamous hand shields that took a massive place in PUBG recent gameplay. A classic example of a future practical play of this patch is if a bullet goes right to the head of the character. And, if he covered his head with his arm, it would result with the character receiving a headshot.

Shotguns shouldn’t penetrate any limbs, but this should be discussed in the next few patches of PUBG. However, this patch is being well received by critics, bringing a more realistic spin to the game than before. There are few more things that were done with this patch, such as optimizing smoke and flame from vehicles for better frame rates.

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