Mahindra PUBG

The Mahindra Tractors: A Foreshadowing?

PUBG is arguably the most popular game around today, and with this notoriety can come controversy.¬†Players have noted that, as a landscape feature, the map “Erangel” has used tractor models from the company. Specifically, they have put in the “Mahindra 265 Dl” on the side engine cover.

It is doubtful that this is some plug from Mahindra. If the rest of PUBG’s glitches and oversights are taken into account, it is likely the company has merely forgotten how logos and brand removal work.

Mahindra is a popular tractor company, not just in India, but in the United States and beyond. They are affordable and reliable.

Moreover, the towed trailer behind the tractor also has some noteworthy features. It has the feature, “Horn OK please” painted upon it. As well, there is the famous ‘Buri Najar Waley Tera Muh Kala.’ To many, this phrase means nothing. However, it translates to the popular saying, ‘With the evil eye, may your face turn black.’

After discovering the unintentional plug, Twitter users started tagging Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the company. Indeed, Twitter was afire after the discovery. It was mostly people hailing from Southern Asia which remarked on the logo.

As India becomes more and more connected to the Internet, oversights such as this will become more and more visible. Already, India is the fastest growing market for internet companies. The top 5 fastest growing Youtube channels are all Indian.

As a result of the open market and demand for content, Indians will surge the online market like never before. Just a decade before, it would be unthinkable for such a small detail in a game to light the internet up. What other minute and silly observations will send Twitter into a storm?

Probably just about anything. This is the internet, after all.