Patch Notes: Sanhok and Warmode

For most of yesterday, players were using the PUBG test servers. This was because a new Battlegrounds update launched, making normal servers unavailable. Moreover, this is no ordinary update. Patch 1.0 will bring a wealth of new content. With 1.0, the game has left early access and is officially in launch.

Bluehole Inc has looked to improve many aspects of their smash hit. Some of these changes look to bring the Xbox version of the game closer to the PC version. Another is to bring the Sanhok map to Xbox One.

“The official PUBG 1.0 launch brings more quality of life and optimisation improvements, in addition to tons of new content for everyone to enjoy. Our third map-Sanhok, achievements, Event Pass, and much more are being implemented to the game as you wait for live servers to come back up.”

Sanhok PUBG map image


  • Performance
    • Faraway players and vehicles are not rendered in a similar way. This will increase server performance.
  • Gameplay
    • Sanhok’s weather changes dynamically.
    • Players can throw apples while waiting to board in the in-game lobby. You have 20. Use them wisely.
  • Redzone
    • The redzone is smaller on Sanhok. It also has a shorter duration.
    • The center appears outside of the playzone. Players will be at risk when outside the playzone.
  • Bluezone
    • On Sanhok, bluezone has shorter waiting times and longer travel times.
    • The bluezone is dynamic. It checks player numbers before deciding the next circle.
  • Spawn Balance
    • The player will be equipped faster with Sanhok’s custom item spawn rules.
    • Ars, SMGs, and DMRs are spawned more often.
    • 8x scopes and 15x scopes do not spawn on Sanhok. However, care packages will yield them.
  • New weapons and vehicles
    • QBZ: An AR which uses 5.56mm rounds. It holds 30 rounds per magazine and can be extended to 40 rounds.
    • QBU: A Sanhok exclusive DMR with a standard magazine.
      • A bipod is attached to QBU. This will greatly reduce recoil when shooting in prone.