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Seventy-thousand years ago, humans nearly went extinct. No one knows exactly why, but during this period the human race dwindled to only forty individuals. For years, scientists failed to explain exactly what caused this phenomenon. Scientists thought it might be a super-volcano, but they were wrong.

Horus, god of the sky, laughs in the face of puny scientists! Image courtesy QC Games.

Thanks a lot, scientists…

Luckily, QC Games discovered the truth and decided to share the knowledge with the world in the upcoming game, Breach. Before our modern world existed, humans shared the same dimension with mythological creatures. Then someone decided to create a barrier to split humanity off from the world of myth and magic. Now in modern times, a dimensional breach releases an army of mythical beings upon Earth. Only a rag-tag group of mercenaries, necromancers, chronomancers, and probably many other kinds of mancers, can contain the hordes that want to destroy humanity.

It’s an interesting concept, but they had me at necromancers

Those spooky scary skeletons are harmless. Don’t fear the high fives of the undead. Image Courtesy QC Games.

In this online cooperative action game, customize your character, choose from dozens of classes, and join the fight, but only if you want to save the world, of course.

From top of skyscrapers to the Pyramids of Giza and all around the world, your heroes will encounter ogre-like Oni from Japan, Egyptian gods, and all sorts of creatures that just want to eat or enslave all of humanity.

Breach looks a lot like a standard action RPG, with fire-arms specialists, spell-casters, and melee combat classes to choose from. The gameplay includes a 3rd person shooter perspective and either single player or online cooperative and adversarial modes.

It definitely looks like a game worth keeping an eye on. Breach is currently in early release on Steam for PC and is projected to launch in 2019.

For more information, check it out at or check out the announcement trailer below.