The Mighty Morphin Marvel

For those of us who spent our childhood cutting our teeth on the Might Morphin cultural phenomenon that is the Power Rangers, it is not easy to forget the characters that built our imaginations. Names like Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Kimberly were uttered around dinner tables to parents’ confused looks. During the early and mid-90s, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers started a pop-culture tidal wave that continues to this day. After 26 seasons and multiple variants of the franchise, the American adaptations of the Japanese tokusatsu franchise, Super Sentai, have become a household name for nearly two generations. So what’s next?

How about large conventions run by a very dedicated fandom? That sounds about right.

Go, Go, Power Rangers in Pasadena

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Jason David Frank, Courtesy of People

In 2007, fans of the franchise held the first official Power Morphicon Convention in Southern California. The event was a celebration of everything Power Rangers. It has been held every two years since, but now the convention is about to go on the road. Power Morphicon Express is the traveling version of the convention which was created by Scott Zillner and Jason David Frank, who is better known as Tommy, the original Green Ranger. The first stop for Express will be in Pasadena, Texas on April 6th-7th of 2019. Tickets for the event are now available and can be purchased by following this link. 

The Pasadena convention will feature various exhibits that cater to the Power Ranger fan in everyone. There will plenty of vendors where one can purchase Mighty Morphin swag, and stars from the shows will be there as well. Such actors as the Green Ranger himself (Jason David Frank) and Nakia Burris (the Yellow Zeo Ranger) will be just a few of the stars in attendance. With the various question and answer forums, as well as meet and greets with the Rangers, any true fan of the franchise would almost be required to attend.

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If you ever wanted to dress up as a Power Ranger and get away with it, Power Morphicon is the place for you. Courtesy of LA Times

Coming Soon to a City Near You

If you love the Power Rangers but can not attend the convention in April, don’t fret; Power Morphicon Express may be coming to a city near you. At this time, the only destination that has been verified is Pasadena, but more are surely on the way. You can keep up to date on new destinations and times through the Power Morphicon website. We’ll see you at Pasadena, Rangers!