Look at all the activity going on! Courtesy of KQED
Look at all the activity going on! Courtesy of KQED

Playing Video Games Can Enhance Cognitive Abilities

Video gaming is not what many may think. As the industry pushes forward valued at $115 billion dollars, new research is revealing that gaming does so much more than merely entertain. In fact, the more one plays, the better their reasoning skills become, and the more gray matter grows. It is responsible for compassion, empathy, and the creation of new brain cells. Action, adventure, and shooter games may be the best examples of this. New evidence may prove that the more you play games, the more your cognitive skills improve. A new outlook on gaming as a tool for enhancing cognitive skills is upon us.

Happy campers, in my book!
Happy campers, in my book! Courtesy of Shutterstock

Interesting Phenomenon

Video games have had to scrape through social disruption over the years. This dates as far back as the Columbine shooting of 1999. This event blamed the game Doom as the reason behind the madness that occurred. Research would find that video games reduce aggressive behavior several years later. They may also enhance the manner in which our brains are wired. This is an interesting phenomenon. Once thought to be “troublesome,” gaming is now¬†a potential research experiment. It is one where sitting down and playing Fortnite can actually increase parts of our existence such as movement, social skills, and even teamwork.

Your brain on video games. Science Photo Library.
Your brain on video games. Science Photo Library.

Who This Helps

In theory, we are beginning to see that games may one day pose themselves as more than just research projects. Games may be ways to adapt to an ever-changing world. If we could isolate enough evidence that video games actually benefit more than they harm, it may be sooner than later that we find ourselves utilizing games in schools as learning tools. Also, they may be used in psychological and neurological sectors. This may even include usage as occupational therapy tools where victims of brain damage may be able to accelerate their healing processes using games.

Years down the road we may find schools using similar games as tools to accelerate learning. What do you think about video games having the ability to enhance your cognitive abilities? Read more about how video games affect our emotions!