What could be better than zero gravity and cows in space?

We had the opportunity to meet with the developers of the outrageous, zero-gravity shooter Space Cows. All we can say is  “Save the Beef!” Fight to the end and save your prized cow!

Happy Corruption, a studio based out of Warsaw, Poland set out to create something unique and fun for players. Their studio wants to create unique games that are strange and wildly fun. This is where they came up with the unique concept for Space Cows. The developer said that when coming up with the concept, they wanted to find an animal to save in space and cows were the first animal they came up with resulting in this oddly creative game.

In this action title, you are charged to save the cows in a space adventure. You navigate your way through mazes shooting “mootants” and avoiding obstacles that stand in your way. At the end of the maze is a boss to defeat. Once you have defeated the boss there are mini-games you can complete which add a fun element to the game. The goal of the game is ultimately to save your prized cow while having fun along the way and of course collecting milk. You know we all need more calcium.

This gaming experience was a ton of fun, the navigation can be a little tricky to figure out initially but can easily be mastered after a few minutes or so. I find that this game could be fun for people of all ages but the target audience is for a bit of an older group in order to handle some of the concepts of the overall gameplay. The difficulty of maneuvering would probably be too much of a challenge for younger players. That being said, the game itself will make you laugh, maybe cry, but definitely will make you a hero amongst Holsteins.

This title is much anticipated and will lead to hours of fun, are you looking forward to this game? Tell us in the comments below!