PHOGS! is a cooperative and creative puzzle game.

It’s a dog, it’s another dog, it’s two dogs, it’s….wait a minute…one dog two heads? Whaaa?! It’s PHOGS!


Get ready and gear up for a double-headed adventure where two heads are definitely better than one. Play as a double-headed dog and learn how to navigate through this playful world of puzzles and mazes. Interacting with the wildlife and using them to create new ways throughout the levels. This unique game offers a variety of ways to play either solo or cooperative.


PHOGS! has a very unusual aesthetic that is both beautifully whimsical and silly. Each world has its own unique style. From an overly green grassy area to a patchwork nighttime field, each area brings its own individual challenges. Control each head to complete tasks and find your way to the end of the level. Cooperative play is challenging as each player controls one head either on the same controller or separate controllers. Test your teamwork and patience with a friend and see how far you can go! Teamwork is key to this game, if one head is good then two heads are better right?

About Bit Loom Games

Bit Loom was created after 3 friends based out of Scotland decided to get together and do something they all loved. After several years in collaboration on various other projects including Everything is Peachy and BAFTA award-winning Among the Stones, they came together to create their first game as a studio, PHOGS!

After playing this game at PAX West 2018, I believe it is a fun puzzle game that allows for a whole new level of cooperative play that is full of adventure and intriguing new environments and creatures. Check out the video. What do you think? Leave us your input in the comments below!