Gelly Break

Gelly Break is awesome in its simplicity.

Gelly Break is made in the vein of legends such as Sonic and Mario. While speaking with Maik Reichelt, the senior project manager and head of marketing, he referenced these games as inspiration for this little co-op gem. The development team was able to achieve the whimsical creativity of those greats while retaining its own unique identity in the process.

Gelly Break gameplay

The single player mode is quite fun in its own right, but, co-op is the true magic of this title. Definitely meant more as a social, in the living room game, rather than online, the team play will make you communicate and build a strategy with your teammate. The awesome thing though is in my experience it was fun working together not a drag. One unique detail is the player gets to choose the difficulty at the beginning of each level. So say you’re in the mood to just relax and play at an easier rate, you can. If you really feel like challenging yourself with a harder mode, you can. Overall there are 17 different ways to play this game. This equals endless play-ability options for all out fun.

The game provides a smooth co-op experience so that your friends can jump into the game at any time.

As said earlier, the simplicity translates to smooth game play reliant on your team’s ability to work together as the determining factor. With only four actions needed in the game play there is no over complicating what to do. Either you move, jump, shoot or switch. What does switch mean? Well, I’ll tell you. It means during the game in order to engage your enemy you have to jump your green or orange gelly creature on to the other one. Thus, forming a tank-like appearance. The top player shoots gelly cannonballs at the targets while the lower one controls movement. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean one of you will be stuck in one position or the other the entire time. Miak and the Byte Rockers Team thought of that. Throughout the game, different colored squares will appear where you have to travel. You can only walk on it if your character matches the color. If you don’t your teammate will have to carry you across. Otherwise, you plummet killing you both. That is right. Your lives are connected. This is why teamwork is so necessary.

Gelly Break will be available on Nintendo Switch in November. If you enjoy throwback style, vibrant set pieces, and fun for the whole family, this game is for you. Seriously people if this game can’t make you smile for one reason or another, it would very much surprise me.

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