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Anthem is Releasing a Playable Demo, Soon!

Today Bioware presented more information on their upcoming open-world adventure, Anthem. During a panel at PAX West 2018, the company let the world know that there was indeed going to be a playable demo released in the near future. How near? Try February 1 of next year for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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This demo will not be for everyone, however. According to Bioware, the demo will have exclusive VIP access for EA Access and Origin Access subscribers at both the Basic and Premier tiers. This also includes those who have pre-ordered Anthem by the demo-release date. they did make sure to specify that that was not going to be a mere technical test, but an actual demo. They did not announce the size of the demo.

Our World, My Story

Before the panel was finished, Bioware had a few more sweet nuggets of information for the fans. They alluded to the fact that there will be an undisclosed number of internal alphas and betas between now and February 1st. Along with that, they also presented the “Our World, My Story” trailer, which highlighted both the multiplayer and solo aspects of the game. Despite the fact that this game will be set in the future world of Anthem, it will by no means feel like you are just one in a million. According to the trailer, the world narrative will advance through your entire team, but you can also develop your own story individually through “free play.” In your home hub, Fort Tarsis, you will get to know people personally, and develop special relationships with them. Though this is mainly a multiplayer game, it will also contain a uniquely solo experience.

Are You Ready?

It is looking as if Anthem is going to be everything that gamers have been expecting, and even more. Are you excited for Anthem? Are you ready to make your mark on that world?