Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Splitgate: Arena Warfare seeks to define the next generation of arena-based shooters.

We found a hidden gem this year at PAX South. We got a chance to sit down with an up and coming game developer, 1047 Games. Who is this game developer? They are a two-year-old company that started out with only five people. Now, they have grown into a 30-person company. Furthermore, the developers of this game are a mix of both independent and AAA developers. 1047 Games has hit the ground in a full sprint with their extravagant game, Splitgate: Arena Warfare.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a mix of Halo 2 and Portal.

When I saw this game, my jaw dropped to the floor. I spent next the several moments trying to string together a competent sentence. Saying my mind was blown is an understatement. Furthermore, this fast-paced FPS is chaotic and gives a whole new twist to the arena based shooter. “Halo 2¬†meets¬†Portal” was the five-second description we were given as we watched the gameplay. Currently, there are nine weapons and three maps with more on the way. However, there is no campaign mode. The game solely will consist of multiplayer mode, with both skill-based and time and grade ranking systems.

Splitgate Action

There will be dedicated servers and custom matches. In addition, there are also a wide array of game modes like King of the hill, team swat and fun game type called Team Instagib. I was given the chance and play and I was amazed at how smooth and beautiful this game is. The movement felt fluid and clean, along with all the different aspects involved.

Splitgate Action Shot 2

This game has a portal gun mechanic that makes for a seriously wild ride. Aiming was precise and a little forgiving, which made for an easy to learn but hard to master experience. 1047 Games has the gunplay mechanics on lock. The game is currently in alpha stages on PC. The developers estimate a full release sometime in Q2 2019. I really look forward to its full release. I strongly suggest you check it out.

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