Shot One Logo

Shot One is Red Moon Workshop’s unique take on dodgeball and soccer.

Red Moon Workshop is a collective of developers who have worked on big titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2. Shot One is Red Moon Workshop’s first independent title. “We all believed in a new system that we saw as revolutionary and dived right in. Four years later we’re doing it full time, as well as currently also working on our first indie title known as Shot One,” the developers said on their website. “The Shot One project was born out of our desire to go full circle from Workshop developers to Steam developers. The title is being headed up by current and former game industry veterans.”

Shot One Title Screen

This is a colorful 90s-style sports and fighting blend that is reminiscent of Capcom vs. SNK. Anyone can pick it up and play—but players will have to sink hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours to become a true master of Shot One. There is no set release date for the game at this time of writing. They will have online multiplayer and a story mode, meaning you can battle others for Shot One supremacy or learn how to play the game and dive into its interesting backstory.

Like all games, there will be content added to the game over time to keep players interested. Just like PAX South, Red Moon Workshop is also based in Texas (Austin, to be specific). This game was a blast to play with friends and should potentially be a huge hit with gamers upon release. It could possibly be the next big party game; it was so good we went back twice and had our own little tournament.

Shot One Stage

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