Nelo jumping
Nelo Jumping

Lightning-fast Nelo will have you on the edge of your seat.

Reflex junkies: this is the game you didn’t know you needed. Nelo is a high octane, genre-blending, character-action epic. The game was created by talented developers Kevin Bryant and Michelle Morger at Magic and Mirrors.

Play as advanced Zenith class alien cyborg, Nelo Aukal of the Tono Gian people. With his four trusty telekinetic Hands of Aphelion, Nelo wields a vast collection of weaponry. The objective of the game is to fight your way off the desolate planet Plemniba. However, swarms of Nightsithe, parasitic machines created by your own people, stand between you and escape.

Nelo and his Hands of Aphelion
Nelo and his Hands of Aphelion

The game meshes the mechanics of twin-stick shoot em’ ups, gravity-defying run and fun, and brutal hack n’ slash melee combat.

Reflex junkies will need to master the powerful intergalactic Zenith warriors reflex demanding skills. As a result, players will use these skills to survive the hostile world of Plemniba. However, it will not be an easy undertaking being stuck behind the enemy lines, despite your advanced alien technology,

Nelo Overhead gameplay view
Nelo Overhead gameplay view

Music composer Kevin Greenlee produced the game’s soundtrack. Additionally, voice actor/vocal director Michael Schwalbe brings our hero to life.

Nelo is available now on Steam Early Access with the first third of the game’s campaign. Approximately 4 hours of gameplay which varies on difficulty. The early access release contains an endurance Mode that includes online and local co-op and a number of maps.

The vanilla release of the game by end of the year will have all 13 chapters of the campaign, and 10 endurance maps with online and local co-op support.

Are you looking forward to testing your reflexes with this fast-paced game? Do you have the skill to master this game? Let us know in the comments below!