Ion Maiden

Ion Maiden is a tribute to the golden age of shooters.

In our adventures at PAX South 2019, we had the chance to interview 3D Realms. 3D Realms is the developer of Ion Maiden. Ion Maiden is a true nostalgic bombshell that brings you back to the 90s, or what I would like to call the golden age of shooters. This was when Duke NukemDoom, and Wolfenstein reigned supreme over the gaming world.

Ion Maiden gameplay

Ion Maiden is a first-person shooter built with the original engine from Duke Nukem with a few upgrades. It features a badass lead character who sits straight at the top of trash talk mountain with Duke himself. Shelly Harrison is her name and she falls nothing short of a monument to female ass-stomping main characters. The game is a prequel to the 2016 top-down action RPG Bombshell. It was designed to bring the industry back to the spirit of classic shooters.

Ion Maiden proves that you don’t need cutting-edge graphics to make a good game.

The game does not disappoint. I was able to sit down and experience the game for a few minutes while at the 3D Realms booth. My hair started to stand up on the back of my neck and goosebumps started to rise. I felt the wonder and nostalgia of playing 90s-era FPS.

Ion Maiden gameplay

After I stood up, I could not help but smile. The idea of the golden era of shooters is still alive and kicking. I salute 3D Realms for sticking to the basics. Ion Maiden does not have a solid release date as of this writing. The developers are targeting a Q2 2019 release. It is expected to have a Mature rating and multiplayer. The alpha is available on Steam right now, and players can pre-order the game there as well. Ion Maiden will be released for PC, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

I will definitely be playing this game when it comes out. I hope to see you in the game as well. Will you be picking up Ion Maiden? Let us know in the comments below!