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Party Hard Tycoon is a simulation game based around being a party planner. You may choose from a number of different unlockable themes and locations. This game allows you to experience first hand being behind the scenes as the manager of an epic party


To start off, you pick a location you wish to host an event. Next, you select the theme of the party you desire. Number charts will dynamically show at the bottom of the screen as you test out your options before making a final choice.
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Now that you have set where the party is going to be and decided what the setting will be, it’s time to make a choice between types of entertainment and bouncers to keep the vibe of the party proper.
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Party Hard Tycoon lets you fully customize the set up of the floor. It is very easy to make a mistake and improperly place items, cutting into the maximum enjoyment of the crowd. Be sure to take time and fully think out placements to assure your customers get the most enjoyment possible in a cost effective manner.
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Shout out to the dev team for how they programmed the AI of this game. I was very impressed with how dynamically the crowd interacts with the setting and entertainment. As the game gets more feedback and has had more time to develop, I’m sure an already good system will only get better.
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At first glance, based on the graphics and genre, I didn’t think I would find any meta that would challenge my skills. It only took halfway through one party to find out this game contains a rather strong micro-managing essence to it. As the party goes on, you have to make quick, wise choices with your money and where you spend it to keep your party going. The game definitely has potential.