Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain will be on the PlayStation 4 on April 11.

D3 Publisher and developer Yuke’s showcased one of their latest games, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, at PAX East 2019. The latest installment in the Earth Defense Force series, the game is a fun third-person action shooter that requires you to blast lots and lots of aliens and other enemies.

The series was founded on the premise of Earth’s citizens discovering extraterrestrial life. Following this, the people of Earth formed the Earth Defense Force to guard against a possible alien invasion. Each of the games in the series revolves around defending Earth from hostile aliens.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain gameplay

The game takes place in the mid-21st century.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is set in the mid-21st century. In 2028, the Aggressor and the Hivecraft attacked the world to the point of near-destruction. By 2032 as a result of the invasion, humans developed the PA-Gear to fight back against these aliens. After that in 2033, the Earth Defense Force defeated the Hivecraft in a pyrrhic victory.

By the beginning of the 2040s, the remnants of the Hivecraft bred to the point where giant insects roamed the Earth. Therefore, the Earth Defense Force led a guerilla-style resistance against the remnants of the Hivecraft.

There are four classes in the game: the Trooper, Jet Lifter, Heavy Striker, and the Prowl Rider. The Trooper is the standard infantry unit and can be used in a variety of battles. If you like to take to the skies, the Jet Lifter can attack ground-based units. The Heavy Striker can take on any unit, but requires the player to recharge after depleting their energy cores. Finally, the Prowl Rider allows players to take control of the aliens themselves and use their own creation against them.

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