Dire Wolf Digital

Dire Wolf Digital showcased a variety of games at PAX East 2019.

Let’s start by saying that the name of this company alone is somewhat endearing. Any fan of the Game of Thrones TV series or the Song of Fire and Ice books that reference this creature is surely grinning at this alone. But while the Starks may have been the lords in the north of Westeros, what exactly are Dire Wolf Digital looking as if they may reign over? That answer is becoming increasingly clear.

Clank! is Dire Wolf Digital’s most well-known game.

Dire Wolf Digital Clank!

Dire Wolf Digital is perhaps best known for its tabletop game, Clank!, which is a deck building game that puts players in the situation of attempting to steal items from a dragon. The dragon is increasingly likely to target you based on the amount of clanking you make pilfering goodies. However, not being content with a single success, Dire Wolf Digital has continued to expand its horizons. They are developing more tabletop games themselves and also making digital adaptations of existing games.

Eternal is a strategic card game available on multiple platforms.

One such digital endeavor would be Eternal. It is entirely F2P, in the sense that nothing absolutely requires real money purchases. Eternal is a strategic card game currently available on Android, iOS, Steam, and Xbox. They did a superb job of creating a combat system that’s both unique and familiar.

Look at it this way. Nearly everyone loves a great burger. By keeping the dish itself familiar but cooking it just right and adding the appropriate condiments/toppings, we are allowed to enjoy something we already do but with additions that enhance it in welcomed ways. Dire Wolf Digital ended up being the type of chef Gordon Ramsay would have a hard time berating when they are serving up something this good. So, how do they manage to accomplish this?

Dire Wolf Digital Eternal

By keeping well-established basics of card games like defensive and offensive stat boosting, charge cards, and fully customizable decks, players aren’t overwhelmed by the variances in gameplay that make it unique and refreshing. The refreshing breeze in the desert of copycat card games aspect shows itself through additions. Some of these additions include its sigil cards (similar to energy cards many of us know from Pokémon). In addition, the sigils’ accompanying influence resource appears when players play these sigils. Most importantly, players also have the ability to designate which of your units will be attacked by the enemy. The last deviation from the no sugar, fat-free (aka no flavor!) card games alone deserves an additional mention. It adds another dimension to tactical defensive gameplay outside of slapping down a taunt card of some sort that the opponent will attack and looking smugly at your opponent like you accomplished something.

Dire Wolf Digital brings tabletop games to the digital world.

In addition to successful ventures besides the two mentioned here, Clank! and Eternal, they are continuing to work on upcoming digital titles. Some of these titles include Raiders of the North Sea, coming in April, and board games like Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker, which is coming out in May. Regardless of which medium you enjoy, one thing is clear: they can likely deliver on both fronts. So, whether you’re a fan of tabletop gameplay, digital games that are tabletop in nature, or are hoping for digital adaptations of games you’ve already learned to love by using a dining room table for something other than its named purpose, Dire Wolf Digital is a company you should keep your eye on.