When Darkness is In Your Name

PAX East 2019 is heating up and plenty of great games are currently on display for convention goers to enjoy. Most of the developers at the exhibits offer free, first-hand looks at their newest titles. Indie developers have found this locale to be quite useful in getting out the news concerning their latest IPs. This is no exception for the developers at Shiro Games, who have created a nightmarish experience with Darksburg, a hack n’ slash top-down co-op action game where survival depends on strength, cunning, and your friends.

When darkness is literally in your town’s name, you know that you are going to have to deal with some diabolic forces. In this case, it is zombies; lots and lots of zombies. As the protagonist, you will be able to select from four of the surviving members of the town. Each of these townfolk has their own unique style and move set. Firstly there is Runolf, a Viking-like cook/gatekeeper that bashes in his enemies heads with a giant soup ladle. Next there the huntress, Rose, who acts as the ranged with her crossbow and pet chipmunk, Twig. Third, we have Sister Abigail, a brawling nun with an affinity for metal helmets and large, spiked crosses. Finally, the monster of the group is Varag, the white werewolf who beats down the undead with nothing but the instruments of his imprisonment.

Runolf is cook’n up some surprises for these zombies.

Familiar Gameplay, New Experience

Before this game can be ridden off as another Diablo clone, it is important to point out that the game’s objectives set this game apart from other top-down slayers. At its core, Darksburg is a survival/horror game. The goal of the players is to survive as long as they can in the various maps with the resources and skills that they have. Each map has different objectives, be it from escorting survivors out of the city to taking down one big baddie. This “arena” style gameplay is a welcome reprieve from the dungeon crawling that hack n’ slash games are known for.

Darksburg is still currently in development, but it should be made available for play sometime later this year for PC via Steam. It is just one of the many titles that our crew at PAX East had the privilege to preview. If you would like to find out more about DVS Gaming at PAX East, stay in touch here. If you liked what you saw with Darksburg, well, that is just the tip of the ice’burg’.