THQ Nordic’s Biomutant blends Final Fantasy and Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Rocket Raccoon.

Rocket Raccoon meets Final Fantasy in this upcoming release, Biomutant from THQ Nordic. Play as a raccoon-like mutant in a post-apocalyptic world where you form alliances with other tribes and work to heal the Tree of Life. Through mission-based gameplay, you progress along a branching storyline, where every choice affects the future. Biomutant offers a blend of RPG, melee, ranged and martial arts while roaming an immersive open world and breathtaking environment.

Biomutant Gameplay

The game features a customization interface that rivals big-name MMOs. Physical attributes such as fur thickness, fangs, and body build will affect the evolution of your character. Creating a shorter, thick-furred character could alter your speed, strength, and stamina. Even fur color can affect your character in the future.

Biomutant also features an evolution leveling for characters. Players can unlock physical attributes such as wings for flying or scorpion tail for melee attacks as well as bio-mechanical body parts. Equipping these parts can help a player overcome particular obstacles, such as the Death-Zone, an area of toxic air.

Biomutant‘s customization will offer lots of replay value.

Leveling up not only includes physical evolution but greater access to weapon and gear pieces. Players can alter these attributes in the creation and customization screen. Crafted weapons and gear can add an advantage to the character progression. The karma system introduces a reputation system for the NPCs. You can recruit allies to travel alongside you, and send some of them into battle.

Your actions throughout the game have an influence on the interactions, missions, and dialogue. The story is fully narrated by a single narrator. Interaction with NPCs generates cute animal sounds while the story plays out. Biomutant releases this summer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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