Dogmelon Games’ Baron is a local multiplayer fight to the death.

Baron is a local multiplayer dogfighting game where you can test your skills against your friends in the “old school” way! Grab up to 8 people, add some human interaction, a couch or two and take flight! Battle solo or in teams to find out who will control the skies.

At first glance, this game appears to be on the simplistic side, but after further inspection and a few rounds of getting exploded out of the sky, I WAS HOOKED! The weapons are… well, let’s just say are a little on the unconventional side. Who throws a “stinky fish” out of a biplane? I’ll tell you… A bear! In my first round, a bear flew by and slapped me in the face with a FISH! Currently, the game offers a choice of 8 different pilots and 10 weapons from freeze rays to anvils and all the way to a stinky fish!

Baron Gameplay

Baron‘s appeal is the local multiplayer aspect of gaming that Mario Party and other games made popular.

I would have to say that my favorite aspect of the game is the fact that I’m sitting right next to my opponent. I believe that Dan and Ant did this to create the ability for the real trash talking! From what I understand the TRUE champion of Baron is still undecided. When one of them get an advantage, the other one changes the coding to buff or nerf where needed. This true spirit of competition between these 2 developers is what really sets this game apart.

One of the worst things about video games is when the meta stifles the diversity of selection of the community. The best way to avoid this problem is balance. This game seemed balanced and fair across the board. Get ready for some long sessions with your 7 best furry friends as the balance in this game takes the longevity off the charts.

Baron is currently in beta on PC and Xbox with a possibility of a mid-year release. I am really hoping to see this game out this summer because it is the perfect game for the kids to enjoy during the summer break!