Ashes of Oahu Cover

Ashes of Oahu shows that post-apocalyptic doesn’t have to be dark and dreary.

Many games today portray the post-apocalyptic world as dark and dreary. The most famous example of this is Fallout 4. Wyrmbyte Studios’ Ashes of Oahu shows that life after the apocalypse doesn’t have to be bleak. The game places you in the perspective of a survivor of the post-apocalyptic Hawaiian landscape. You have to journey through Oahu, make friends (and enemies), and satisfy the Hawaiian gods while fighting the army of the Mad Kupua. Through offerings to the various gods, one can also change into animals representing these deities.

Ashes of Oahu factions

There are several different factions that you can help or fight against in the game. The first is the Islanders. This faction provides medicine, rifles, and horses to the player. They are attempting to re-establish civilization on Oahu after the Event that changed the island forever. Next, the Hawaiians are the descendants of Hawaiian royalty and have a direct connection with the gods, as their skills show that they improve the body, soul, and spirit.

The Research Institute (TRI) is a secret scientific collective that is attempting to gain control of the energy field around Oahu. This faction provides energy weapons and N-Tech augmentations. The Lava Dogs posit themselves as a peacekeeping force on the island and specialize in automatic weapons and explosives. Lastly, the fifth faction, the Raiders, is the army of the Mad Kupua. They seek to gain dominance over Oahu by destruction or enslavement.

Ashes of Oahu will also feature over 100 endings and many customization options.

Ashes of Oahu allows the player to take many routes when they are playing the game. One thing that surprised me is that the team at Wyrmbyte Studios had less than ten people working on this game. The game is scheduled for a spring 2019 release on PC.

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