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Scum puts open world survival games a lot closer to reality.

Gamepires, Croteam and Devolver Digital have teamed up in the form of Scum, an open-world prison survival game. The first season has moved from Alcatraz to Bagne de Cayenne. The island is notorious for its brutal history of prison violence, and inmates are pitted against one another for survival.

Scum statistics

There is extensive character customization in Scum. Players can take advantage of this feature to build their ideal survivor. The four stats, strength, dexterity, constitution, and intelligence, determine your character’s survival. Your age also affects any bonus stats you get. For instance, younger players will get higher dexterity, while older players will get higher constitution and intelligence. You can construct a player that relies on quickness and stealth, or a player that is difficult to kill and can take a lot of hits from enemies.

Additional data is present in the game that can affect the character’s survival plan. For instance, players can eat food to gain stats, while something like high blood pressure, fatigue or physical injury can hinder them.

Scum View

In addition to fighting each other, prisoners will have to vie for support from viewers, the producers, and corporate sponsors.  Survivors can gain fame points doing certain actions in game, and if the survivors are popular, they can get additional in-game perks.

Scum plans to enter open access in the second quarter of 2018. There is no set release date yet, but the idea of combining a prison break with open-world survival has many possibilities. There were talks of several different game modes, such as battle royale, capture the flag (cargo), and even escort missions. Classic team deathmatch may also be available at some point.

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