Tides of Vengeance

Release Schedule for Tides of Vengeance

The content for World of Warcraft’s next patch is split into three categories. The first of round will come with the patch launch (December 11). Two others will follow, the first in January with the final release planned for a later date. Most world content is confined to the first part of the release schedule, with later PvE progression content added in stages two and three.

December 11

  • The war campaign will continue.
  • Additionally, the Dwarves and Blood Elves will receive heritage armor. These will be the first non-allied races to receive the feature. To unlock them, you must have a level 120 character of that race. Furthermore, reach exalted with either Ironforge or Silvermoon, respectively. Finally, complete the new questlines.
  • Paragon reputation rewards are available. Unlike in Legion, only pets are available.
  • Saurfang and Tyrande Questlines debut. Help or hinder Saurfang as he eludes Sylvanas’ dark rangers and witness Tyrande’s ascent as a Night Warrior.
  • Havenswood and Jorundall join the Island Expedition lineup. There is also a new vendor that accepts Seafarer’s Dubloons as currency.
  • Incursions, a feature similar to legion invasions, will occur sporadically on Zandalar and Kul Tiras. Completing four world quests and taking out the enemy commander will give great experience to anyone leveling an alt.
  • Credit towards reputation achievements will be account wide. Additionally, reputation items like tabards will only be gated from use when being bought, allowing all characters to transmog them.
  • Account-wide flight paths will teach an alt all the flight paths available to your faction. The war campaign vendors sell these for 100g.
  • The zone of Darkshore is revamped. The new Darkshore warfront is opened, alongside new currencies which buy toys, pets, and mounts.
  • All class changes will be implemented.
  • Experience gained from level 20 to 120 reduced. The biggest reductions come in the level 60 range at 40%.
  • Reaching revered with Champions of Azeroth on one character unlocks all upgrades for alts.

Season 2; January

  • The Battle for Dazar’alor arrives.
  • Most high end Azerite gear will have an extra 5th ring. Sources of this gear are from Mythic+, PvP, Emissaries, and Warfronts.
  • New Mythic+ level 10 affix added: Reaping: All enemies defeated rise beyond the grave and run after the group at every 20% completed of the dungeon.
  • All loot from dungeons, emissaries, and Warfronts will go up.
  • A new PvP season debuts; Sinister Gladiator gear is available.

Later On

  • The second raid of 8.1, Crucible of Storms, will arrive.
  • The story of Xal’atath unfolds.