The Search for Bwonsamdi’s Boss Continues in Datamining

[Spoilers Below]

After the initial events of Battle for Azeroth, it is clear death is a key theme in the expansion. It is represented by characters such as Bwonsamdi, the Loa of death. When we meet the Loa, his humor and apathy toward the living is evident. After returning Vol’jin’s urn to the mighty loa, however, we learn his spirit is missing.

Bwonsamdi’s playful demeanor immediately changes into shock and horror when he realizes he has ‘lost a soul.’

Ay, Vol’jin? Come on outta dat urn. Wait… wait,! Where be da spirit? Where be Vol’jin?”

“No! No! Impossible. Da boss ain’t gonna like dis. Ol’ Bwonsamdi not been losin’ a spirit in… oh, dis be bad.”

In the events of 8.1, the hunt for Vol’jin’s soul leads Bwonsamdi and the player to the Lich King. Could Bolvar be Bwonsamdi’s boss?

Scenario: Jailor of the Damned

Stage 1: Confront the Lich King

Stage 2: Reach the Death Gate

Retreat to Bwonsamdi’s Death Gate.

Stage 3: Escape the Frozen Throne

Use Bwonsamdi’s Death Gate to escape the Frozen Throne.

Bwonsamdi’s hunt for Vol’jin’s soul leads him to the Lich King. However, even he is ignorant of the lost soul. The two entities enmity leads to a confrontation, and Bwonsamdi must evacuate his champion.

The Speculation

Vol’jin heard a voice telling him to proclaim Sylvanas Warchief. However, the voice was not Bwonsamdi. The loa of death hates undeath, and so hates Sylvanas by extension. Moreover, her constant revivals of slain victims ’tilts the balance.’

Because Bwonsamdi hates undeath, it is unlikely that his boss is the Lich King.

So if Bwonsamdi’s boss is not any undead character, who does he serve? There is the strongly hinted Mueh’zala, another loa of death worshiped by the Sandfury tribe. This may be a possibility as, ‘His shadow towers above everyone. His form is always shifting, his shadow melting from one shape to another.’ The first part of this quote could mean Mueh’zala is above Bwonsamdi and other death deities.

Another answer is, of course, N’zoth. An old god whispering to Vol’jin would have precedent. Albeit this type of story device is long overdue for retirement. Moreover, I do not believe he is Bwonsamdi’s boss.

Other possible deities could be Helya. She has stolen souls before, but that was a power play against Odin. Another could be Hakkar, who has a proclivity toward souls.helyayogg'saron

The death god may be Yogg’saron. He is known to participate in world affairs through manipulation. It would not be a shock to find he whispered to Vol’jin.

And then, there is the possibility WoW is on the verge of unveiling a new villain. Bwonsamdi’s boss may be a looming threat. We may learn of this new death god for future expansions. In a game which never ends, it makes sense the god of death should be defeated.