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New Modes in the Overwatch Workshop


What is the Workshop?

The Overwatch Workshop is an in-game scripting system. The system allows players to customize the game’s rules, and people have been taking advantage of this newest update. Not only can you create new game modes, but you can also change the core mechanics behind hero abilities. There have been some insanely creative ideas, and the following is only a small pool of what the Overwatch player base has come up with.

Navi from the Zelda Games

Perhaps one of my favorite creations is the introduction of Navi. In this custom mode, Tracer can walk around the map while Navi informs her of the dangers ahead. It’s also, much like the Zelda games, played in the third person.

If you want to try this game mode, the code is 6WXRW. Press ‘F’ to interact with Navi. Be warned, this mode has only been tested with one player. Glitches are likely to occur with more than one person present.

Overwatch Racing

Of course, no one’s surprised that Overwatch Racing is one of the first workshop modes. Certain Overwatch heroes are known for their mobility, and creating race tracks for them was the next logical conclusion. Characters like Lucio and Hammond can now duke it out on five different maps, racing to see who is the superior main.

Not only are the maps converted to race tracks, but they also include boost rings, freeze traps, and podium finishers. The workshop code for this mode is Q8KT7.

Gun Game

In this game mode, the player works their way through the Overwatch hero roster by killing other players. You progress if you get a kill. You regress if you are killed by the same hero as you or by an ultimate. It’s a similar mode to Counter-Strike’s gun game. There are a few different versions of this game, but if you want to play this specific one, use code 7DC42.

Deployable Bastion Turret

Turrets are every Overwatch players best friend. Bastion and Torbjorn can make any game a living hell. Well now, it’s even worse. In this mode, instead of Torbjorn throwing his standard turret, he places a Bastion. The Bastion locks on to other players and has infinite ammo, much like Torbjorn’s default turret.

The workshop code for this mode is BEDTA. I don’t know what the practicality of a mode like this is, but I’m betting it would be fun for a few games.


Lastly, there’s now a mode that allows the player to place portals like the ones in Portal and Portal 2. The mechanic seems similar to the ones used in the games, except the colors are different, and the portals can be placed anywhere instead of just on walls. The code for this workshop is 672SH.

Players have come up with some unique additions to the workshop. Of course, there are many more modes than the few I listed, but these are some of the best and most creative designs thus far.

Sonic the Hedgehog Live-Action Film Trailer Revealed

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog has great expectations.

On April 30, Paramount Pictures released the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action film trailer. As a long-time Sonic fan (I even dressed as him for Halloween 1994), I have watched the franchise explode in popularity during the early-to-mid 90s, but fell from grace during the 2000s. Sonic was a stark contrast to Mario—everyone saw Sonic as hip and cool, while Mario was seen as an element of the old guard. Still, Mario is a classic character that others could get behind.

1993 Super Mario Bros.

The live-action Super Mario Bros. movie was critically panned during its 1993 release. Bob Hoskins, who played Mario, famously said in a 2007 interview that Super Mario Bros. was the worst thing he ever did, that it was his biggest disappointment and something he would change about his past.

Can the Sonic movie avoid the same pitfalls?

Now, we have Sonic the Hedgehog taking its turn in the live-action movie seat. The film will debut on November 8, 2019. Ben Schwartz will play the voice of Sonic. Schwartz has previously appeared in Parks and Recreation and had a small role in other comedies such as The Other Guys and played a fictional Eminem’s assistant in The Interview.

One of the more interesting casting choices is Jim Carrey as Dr. Ivo Robotnik (or Dr. Eggman depending on what set of Sonic fans you’re talking to). Carrey has an extensive track record of quality comedy performances in the 90s (Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, and the horrendously underrated The Cable Guy). James Marsden, who played Cyclops in the original X-Men movie series (2001-2006), and reprised his role in X-Men: Days of Future Past, plays Tom Wachowski. Wachowski is the sheriff of Green Hills who helps Sonic in his quest to stop Dr. Robotnik.

Viewers are skeptical about the film already.

Given Hollywood’s shift to 90s nostalgia, this ought to be a hit, right? Many people panned the trailer, most noticeably focusing on Sonic’s design. In addition, the trailer’s usage of the 1995 Coolio hit “Gangsta’s Paradise” also raised eyebrows. The film seems to be taking on a comedic tone with the inclusion of Carrey and Schwartz. Although there is not much to go on from the trailer, I think it is reminiscent of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993-1996) where Jaleel White (Steve Urkel from Family Matters) played the titular character.

What do you think about the trailer? Do you think the movie will be a hit or a bomb? Let us know in the comments below!

Storm Rising Recap and Possible New Overwatch Hero


Latest Archives Event: Storm Rising

Overwatch’s Storm Rising event dropped a few weeks ago, and it left fans in a state of reluctant shock. In this newest addition, Genji, Tracer, Winston, and Mercy are pursuing Talon financier Maximillien. The premise seems interesting, and the cutscenes left fans guessing at new hero releases. Unfortunately, the event itself is short and offers no new enemies.

Players are also able to revisit old archive events and get new skins. The ability to replay Retribution and Uprising is arguably better than the introduction to Storm Rising. While the new event was fun to play through the first time, it hardly has any replayability.

Potential New Heroes

What can we expect from Overwatch moving forward? Of course, this newest event with Sojourn and the mysterious omnic hint at possible character releases sometime in the future. While it’s been confirmed that McCree’s android friend Echo and Sojourn are potential new heroes, neither of them is set to be hero 31. That leaves us with the unknown omnic at the end of the Storm Rising cutscene.

Unknown Omnic from Storm Rising Courtesy of AltChar

Current theories about who this omnic is all seem to revolve around his role as a leader of the Null Sector. Null Sector was a group operating out of London who used violent methods to achieve omnic rights. If this is the case, and our mystery omnic is a vital figurehead of Null Sector, why is he conspiring with Doomfist?

Talon wants to see humanity strengthen through conflict. Perhaps Null Sector and Talon fighting together would benefit both sides by helping humanity and granting omnics their rights. There has also been no confirmation as to who this omnic is, so it’s just as likely that he has no ties to the Null Sector in the first place.


Lastly, it appears that Overwatch will be getting Havana, a new capture point/payload hybrid map. This map ties back to the Storm Rising event as well as to the home of the latest hero, Baptiste. The map is out on PTR, and I expect it to be out on live servers after the end of the Storm Rising event.

Game of Thrones: Winterfell Review (Spoiler Warning)


Winter has finally, finally arrived.

The phenomenal HBO drama series has made a return with a big bang as last Sunday was the premiere of the final season. With a massive amount of well-acted drama, humor and bit of nudity. This season premiere has to be the best one the show has ever put out. The episode is host to a few dragon scenes as well as several long-awaited reunions between key characters. With each mostly being catch-up stories between the two characters.

A Big-Bang Beginning.

The episode opens up in a way that a similar scene played out in the very first episode. As Dany and Jon are arriving at Winterfell with their armies and dragons being displayed to the northerners. While many are untrustworthy of her. Jon is quick to remind them all of the approaching White Walkers from the North. As the episode goes on, Jon and Dany’s relationship is shown as to how far it has progressed with a wonderful sequence involving Jon riding Rhaegal with Dany flying by his side with both sharing a tender and a somewhat humorous moment alone together. While the dragon riding scene was cool, and I’m glad the Jonerys ship is sailing well. I also felt the whole moment seemed to come out of nowhere, as a form of fan service. Wonderful fan service, but still fan service.


A Speedy Rescue.

As for the business in King’s landing. Euron’s noble quest to shag the Queen has finally come to an end with him bringing the Golden Company back to Westeros. Unfortunately, it appears that no Elephants have accompanied them. Due to either a tight show budget or the Golden Company having sold them to Sauron. At the end of the day, Cersei and Euron’s relationship seems to have a curious future with it being both toxic and potentially workable.

Meanwhile, Theon has seemingly put together a well-crafted rescue mission in order to free his sister Yara from Euron’s clutches. While we only see a small bit of it. It makes you wonder how he managed to sneak his men onto Euron’s ship, let alone find out which one Yara was held on. But it does have a strong moment of humor thrown into the mix, with Yara thanking Theon with a head-butt.

A Regular Throne’s Reunion.

Many characters, who’ve been apart for several seasons have finally been brought back together. It was a great episode for Arya, as she was finally reunited with not only Jon and Gendry but Sandor as well. The scene between Arya and Jon was really emotional with both their personality’s shining. With the scenes involving Gendry and the Hound being a bit more humor to them. It was very nice to see how both the Hound and Arya would react to each other, and it makes you question how their somewhat strained relationship will play out.

Tension and Uncertainty.

As for everyone’s favorite knight/mercenary, Bronn, well apparently, Cersei has decided to assassinate both Tyrion and Jamie for treason. And hiring Bronn with a wagon of gold in advance seems like the best way to go about it. It’s unclear as to whether or not Bronn will go through with it. But perhaps Bronn values his friendship with both Tyrion and Jamie more than he does Cersei’s gold.

GOT S8E1 wight

The episode nears its close by confirming that Tormund, Beric, and Ed did, in fact, survive the attack on the wall. With the three of them meeting up at The Last Hearth. What follows is a suspenseful, horror-filled moment involving a grotesque scene of a Wight child giving the audience a much-needed jump scare to really spice things up. All in all, the scene really reminds us of what could happen if the living is unable to achieve victory while depicting a grim possible future.

The Verdict.

While the episode was a bit fast paced, and one or two moments just felt thrown in there for the sake of fan service. The episode kicked off with a bang and ended with a suspenseful cliffhanger between Bran and Jamie, whose relationship is currently not good at the moment? It makes you more hyped for the remainder of the season and possibly gives some hints as to how this will all end. But with this being the first episode, there are still many answers left to be given. As to how it all ends? Well, it looks like that patience will be our greatest weapon if viewers wish to reach the end.

Review Score: 9.2/10

Supernatural: Season 14 Review

The End is here. Image courtesy of The CW.

What Is Even Going On?

Season 14 of Supernatural, to me, is one of the most all-of-the-place seasons of Supernatural. With the upcoming season 15 set to be the final season of the long-standing show, it seems clear that the content is getting thin. The beginning of season 14 had promise, but as it went on, it started down a path of no return.

A Look Back on Season 14

Season 14 starts with catching up on what the apocalypse-world archangel Michael has been up to since he possessed Dean at the end of season 13. He’s been up to no good trying to make monsters even bigger and badder than before using his grace a little magic. Making vampires immune to dead man’s blood, werewolves immune from silver, and other power-ups.

Michael possessing Dean. Image courtesy of The CW.

When Michael suddenly up and leaves Dean, the crew resume monster hunting. Without his powers, Jack the Nephilim has trouble trying to keep up with the other hunters. He often gets put on the bench during hunts and feels useless to the team. But his condition is worse than everyone thought, and without his grace, his human body tears itself apart and he dies. But no one ever truly dies in Supernatural, and Jack is resurrected, but with a terrible price of leeching off his soul.

The Road Gets Even Rougher

As the gang tries to take down Michael, Jack ends up burning off his soul in order to use his powers to kill Michael. Without a soul, Jack begins going with the motions. He knows how to be good, but no longer feels the need to; in fact, he no longer feels anything.

No one wants to admit that Jack is different, and the Winchesters continue monster hunting. Castiel tries to search for God, thinking that He might be able to restore Jack’s soul. Meanwhile, Nick (who somehow survived the death of Lucifer) finds a way to resurrect Lucifer.

Jack struggles with remaining good. Image courtesy of The CW.

Jack kills Nick and stops Lucifer’s return, however, he does so cruelly by sending Nick out with a slow and painful death. When Mary Winchester attempts to tell him that he went too far, Jack’s mental state begins to spiral. He accidentally kills Mary when he only wanted her to stop talking.

The Chapter Comes to a Close

Afraid that the Winchesters wouldn’t be able to forgive him, Jack runs away after failing to attempt to bring Mary back to life. He gets manipulated briefly by Heaven. He becomes a holy weapon and ends up re-making a few human souls into angels. Believing that Jack is beyond saving, the Winchesters attempt to trap him, but are unsuccessful.

Feeling betrayed, Jack runs away again with Castiel. Meanwhile, God shows up and gives the Winchesters a gun He says will kill both the victim and the shooter at the same time and it would be able to kill Jack. However, when the Winchesters refuse to kill Jack, God is revealed to be a manipulative storyteller who just enjoys watching the world burn.

Dean tries to but decides not to kill Jack with the gun God gave him. Image courtesy of The CW.

God kills Jack with a snap of his fingers. Sam attempts to kill God with the gun but fails. Angry, God declares that it is “The End” and damned souls get unleashed from hell, plunging the world into another apocalypse.

Another Fine Mess

Wow. That season was all over the place. First, the bad guy is Nick, then it’s Jack, then it’s God himself? Make up your mind, people.

I have to say that I’m disappointed in the route that this season took. Right before things started going south for Jack, I wrote an article all about how Jack himself saves the Winchesters by giving them the one thing they always wanted: a son, a family. Jack was all lined up to be a fresh, cheerful face in this otherwise dark world. He was a beam of light, a beautiful innocent, a born optimist burning brightly in the darkness.

Just look at that innocent face. What happened? Image courtesy of The CW.

And then they up and ruined him. Made his actions and words no longer genuine. Jack, like Castiel, believed he would, could have finally made the world of Supernatural a better place. He could have finally helped the boys achieve their happily ever after. I can only hope that he still can.

God is a Liar

I honestly have to say the whole “God is a writer and writers lie” thing was yet another disappointment. I will say that it was an unexpected twist, but not worth it in my opinion.

It feels like the “it was all a dream” cop-out of Lost. Like, “Oh, the entire show of Supernatural was just God having fun ruining two kids lives. Cool?” It feels cheap to hand that excuse to a bunch of fans who have enjoyed the show for well over a decade. (Ironic, though, that we like watching these two kids have their lives ruined, too. Meta much?).

Where Does the Road Go From Here?

Despite how much it feels like season 14 threw us for a big loop, I have hope for season 15. It will be the last season of Supernatural ever, so it better be a good one.

The souls released from hell thing feels really climatic. It will probably be a good story arc. Not only that, but going up against God – the creator of the universe – is going to be the biggest challenge yet for the Winchesters. In addition, if monsters still retain the Michael-grace power-ups, the world will have its hands full.

The End is nigh, and it has zombies. Image courtesy of The CW.

I have to wonder how it will all resolve. After Jack dies at the end of season 14, he wakes up in the Empty. Billie is there, and who I believe to be the Empty itself (if it was Lucifer I would think it’d have red eyes and/or inky wings). Those are two powerful potential allies in this fight against God. The Empty claims it was there before God, and the previous Death claimed he would probably end up reaping God one day. I’d venture a guess that those two might try and end up trapping God in the Empty or something.

I am also keen to see Amara, the Darkness and God’s sister, perhaps getting involved. She knew her brother was a piece of work, and she has a huge crush on Dean, so it’s possible she might make an appearance. Maybe she isn’t as okay with giving up on her revenge just yet as we all think. They even know where she is; God told the Winchesters she was in Reno when He gave them the gun.

What do you think of season 14? What do you think we’ll see in season 15? Let us know in the comments below.



Naomi #4 - DC Comics
I... I am not used to this level of honesty.


The latest season of the Magicians closes tonight, however we have more comics straight off the racks for review!

War of the Realms - Punisher #1
Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Writers: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Marcelo Ferreira
Cover Price:  $3.99

The first issue of War of the Realms is not near as good as this tie-in.

Gerry Duggan’s script is my favorite kind of comic book.  It is so self-aware, it is making fun of itself during a wild adventure.  Duggan’s Punisher is as angry and resolute as you would expect.  Meanwhile, this comic has a bizarre sense of humor.  This is on display in the first pages when Frank Castle stomps into a music instrument store.  The owner laments some debauchery he had in Vegas and knew he shouldn’t have done it now that the Punisher has come.  The owner changes tunes fast when he finds out Castle just needs some piano wire.  This comic is filled with odd moments like that in a fast-paced read.  Additionally, Duggan has created a strangely logical reason for the Punisher to have a wild desperate adventure within an event that is far outside of his normal purview.

War of the Realms - Punisher #1
War of the Realms – Punisher #1

Marcelo Ferriera’s art works for parts of Duggan’s story.  His art has a wild energy that plays well with the war-scape Castle is in the middle of in Manhattan.  His attacks on elves has a bold action style that has a strange sense of strength.  Moreover, Ferriera’s characters can be low on certain details.  He uses bold outer lines and thinner inner lines.  However, Duggan shows round shapes by using several straight lines in a row to round out shapes.  The technique isn’t terribly clean.  Moreover, Ferriera’s character faces can feel like old Looney Toons mobsters drawn into a comic book.  If you escape into the story, it works.  If not, it can appear misplaced.

This issue trips a little bit visually.  Meanwhile, it is a rollicking romp that somehow stays in continuity without a lot of Fourth Wall-breaking.  It was just edged out of my Pick of the Week.

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #4 - Dyanmite Comics
Dynamite Comics

Dynamite Comics

Writers: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Caspar Wijngaard
Cover Price:  $3.99

The cover on this comic made me curious, so I pulled it.

Kieron Gillen writes some of my favorite comics running today.  This is not one of them.  This issue is a difficult jump-in point.  I believe I have a lot of the story, however, I am still missing major details and plot points.  Meanwhile, the characters don’t come across as unique.  There are a few moments of humor, although they don’t land well without a better understanding of who these characters are.  Overall, this issue is unremarkable story-wise.

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #4 - Dyanmite Comics
Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #4 – Dyanmite Comics

The art by Caspar Wijngaard has an interestingly kitchy feel.  Most of this issue remind me of an ashcan edition comic from the 80’s.  There are sections what have color, though they are few and far between.  Wijngaard’s art is much better with color.  Without it, it is lacking in depth and energy.  Additionally, there appears to be an issue with noses.  I do not know why, although Wiijngaard tends to draw noses with full outlines in funny perspectives and it gives too many characters a Grouch Marx vibe.

Gillen is a great writer, though this is not one of his great works.  This would not be my recommendation for people looking for offbeat tales.

Naomi #4 - DC Comics
DC Comics

Dynamite Comics

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Cover Price:  $3.99

The title character’s history is laid bare this week, and it tells a lot.

Brian Michael Bendis and David Walker combined their Wonder Twin powers to make this issue work.  You would think a comic about a father telling his mysterious history to his daughter would be dull.  However, this comic is a very fast read.  The story structure is rather typical for comics because of the star-crossed lovers story line.  Meanwhile, the style here has a warmth that I am not accustomed to from DC Comics.  This is my first issue, and I already feel like I have been reading this series for a while.

Naomi #4 - DC Comics
Naomi #4 – DC Comics

Moreover, Jamal Campbell’s art is one of the best this week.  I have one nitpick and that is his characters can sometimes feel squashed.  It is as if you are watching a show at the wrong resolution in certain moments.  Other than that, I love this art.  Campbell uses very bold outer lines, making the details more subtle and the characters severely pop from the background.  Additionally, Campbell is one of the rarer artists that uses blacks to add shadows, rather than just color gradients or scratchy blobs.  This technique makes the images feel heavier at the appropriate moments.  This comic is a visual treat.

It is rare that I become a fan of a series based on one issue.  It’s not even a first issue.  However, I am now a fan of this series.  I sense a graphic novel I will be picking up at Comic-Con.

Star Wars - Tie Fighter #1 - Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Writers: Jody Houser
Artist: Roge Antonio & Michael Dowling
Cover Price:  $3.99

Just like last week’s Superman comic, Star Wars is not something I am a fan of.  Meanwhile, when something is good… it’s just good.

Jody Houser has introduced us to an elite wing of Empire pilots during the height of the Empire’s influence.  She quickly establishes the personalities of a number of characters.  Moreover, she also adds an interesting mystery for this team to investigate.  The dialogue can feel a bit cliche at times, although this comic has to fit between the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.  Therefore, the dialogue has to match the 1980’s sci-fi it is based upon.  With that said, there is a good flow to the pace, as well as the character development.

Star Wars - Tie Fighter #1 - Marvel Comics
Star Wars – Tie Fighter #1 – Marvel Comics

The art is by Roge Antonio and Michael Dowling.  I cannot tell you which is which, however, I did note a shift in the art in this issue.  In the first part of this issue, the art is pretty good.  Character proportions are good and the space battles have the prerequisite screaming energy Star Wars fans would come to expect.  There is a strange visual dynamic at play.  The characters’ overall look is good comic book fare.  Meanwhile, the character detail can be a bit sparse and flat.  That may be a case of these people fitting in with the Imperial Navy, although I cannot say if it is purposeful.  The detail dips noticeably in the second half of this issue.  It isn’t a game breaker, though it can be seen by people who are sensitive to such.

Star Wars - Tie Fighter #1 - Marvel Comics
Star Wars – Tie Fighter #1 – Marvel Comics

Actually, the story of these characters is enhanced by a mini back-up about one of the pilots.  It shows that she may be planning to defect in the near future.  While some casual fans may find such a story cliche, a number of Star Wars characters are former Imperial soldiers including Han Solo and Wedge Antilles.  Overall, I find this issue to be an interesting story that fits in well with the Star Wars mythos and timeline.  In the end, I want to find out more about their mission and growth.

Star Wars – Tie Fighter #1 is not perfect, although it was the most engrossing story in a week of mini-series endings and ongoing events.

Did you read one of the event comics this week?  Let us know in the comments below!  In the meantime, enjoy a link to our comic book news and reviews podcast, the Part-Time Henchmen!


The Next MCU Team Movie Should Be…


WoW Classic Beta Coming Soon?


WoW Classic is (possibly) around the corner.

Blizzard has not yet publicly confirmed a WoW Classic beta, but some information in its content delivery network points to the beta coming soon™.

WoW Classic BetaFans who are clamoring for the chance to play WoW Classic are still in the dark. Blizzard’s own support site lists the game’s beta access as a “common problem” as well. When users ask how they can sign up for the beta, “There is currently no public Beta version of WoW Classic. For a chance at being selected if a Beta becomes available, make sure Warcraft is checked on the Beta Profile settings in Blizzard account management. If you are selected to participate in a Beta test, you’ll receive an email with information on how to install the client and provide feedback.”

The game is scheduled for a summer 2019 release.

There are still plenty of questions surrounding the game. We know that it will be free to play for anyone with a subscription. Also, Blizzard will base the game off of Patch 1.12. However, will some of the more modern aspects of World of Warcraft apply to Classic? Will there be a group finder? We still don’t have many answers. Upon the release of the beta, we could have even more questions about what could be in the game. If Blizzard keeps its release date of summer 2019, the game could hit live servers any time from June 21 to September 21.

Wowhead reported that Patch 8.2 PTR hit the content delivery network (CDN) two weeks before hitting the actual PTR itself. Following this pattern, we predict that the WoW Classic beta may be coming on or around April 30.

Are you excited about WoW Classic? If you haven’t been playing World of Warcraft, do you plan to dive back into Azeroth just to play this game? Let us know in the comments below!

Treasures of Turan DLC Comes to Conan Exiles


Survival Gets Barabaric

Survival games have gained popularity over the years. From such games as the oceanic terrorfest, Subnautica, to the pixelated planetary exploration title Starbound, survival games keep the action coming. In 2017, Norwegian developer, Funcom, created a new survival experience based off of the legendary character created by Robert E. Howard in 1932, Conan the Barbarian. The game is Conan Exiles, and it places players into the harsh and unforgiving world of the renowned warrior.

In this game, players do not don the loincloth and broadsword of the great barbarian. Instead, they get to take the role of an exile left to die in the rugged Exiled Lands. Conan comes by to rescue the protagonist and sets him on a journey to reclaim not only his honor but to save the world as well. This exile must survive by hunting game and defending himself from the dangers of the wilds. Mitigating hunger, building settlements, and conquering foes are just a few things that players can do to live out the full Conan experience.

These opulent treasures will look great in your palace!

Diving into the Treasures of Turan

Players have navigated through the Exiled Lands for nearly two years, and it is now time for new content to join the fight. Today Funcom released the Treasures of Turan, the newest Exiles DLC expansion.

Here are details from the Conan Exiles blog:

  • 39 Turanian building pieces
    • A full set of building pieces with the same stats as existing tier three
  • 15 new armor pieces in three sets, such as the Turanian Mercenary armor
    • Light, medium and heavy sets with an epic end-game version of each
  • 9 new weapons in one Turanian weapon set
    • Same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon
  • 5 new Turanian warpaints
    • Decorative warpaints symbolizing opulence and glory
  • 9 new placeables, such as the standing lamp and brazier
    • Craft them at the new Turanian Artisan table
  • 2 new exclusive pack animal pet skins
    • Adorn your rhinos and elephants with rich and golden trimmings
Everyone wants a tamed battle-rhino.

A New World of Exploration

Fans of Conan Exiles will be pleased to know that they can now download the Treasures of Turan DLC for both PC and PS4. DLC for the Xbox One will be released later this year. On top of that, the Conan Exiles Season Pass is now available for purchase. Funcom promised that the Season Pass will give players access to core DLC that is slighted for a 2019 release.

Have you ever wanted to roam the wild lands alongside Conan the Barbarian? With this new DLC, now is the best time for you to dive into the wastes of Conan Exiles.


Splitgate: Arena Warfare Combines Elements of Halo and Portal

Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a tribute to the shooters of yesteryear.

At PAX South and PAX East, I got the chance to try out a unique game called Splitgate: Arena Warfare. 1047 Games co-founders Ian Proulx and Nicholas Bagamian were huge fans of Halo and Portal at Stanford University. Proulx himself was one of the top Halo 5 players in the world. The game combines elements of Halo and Portal by allowing players to fire portals to get around the map. In addition, it brings both the free-for-all and team deathmatch play that Halo offers.

It may be hard to believe, but Halo is approaching 20 years old and Portal is about to become a teenager next year. Remember the times you went over to a friend’s house to play Halo? It seems like Splitgate: Arena Warfare brought about that experience and scaled it to a PC gaming audience. The closed beta weekend runs from April 11 to 15.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare

You can select between ranked games and custom games with various win conditions and usage of various weapons. The game layout is also remniscient of Unreal Tournament, another popular team-based shooter in the early to mid-2000s.

We here at DVS Gaming think the game has immense potential after participating in the closed beta weekend.

Splitgate is what you would get if Halo and Unreal Tournament had a baby and called in Portal to be the midwife. This game is a basic arena shooter with a vicious tactical curveball. In its purest form, Splitgate is simply a competitive FPS allowing players to use weapons that have been in every other FPS in history. It is the portal system that truly makes this game stand out.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare gameplay

Winning a headshot through a portal on the other side of the area with a pistol is incredibly satisfying. Due to the implications of the portals, Splitgate has the potential of becoming a phenomenal esport. The developers still have some work to do on the hitboxes and some of the standing terrain, but it looks like Splitgate is shaping up to be a great throwback to when FPS games were shared among a small group of friends.

While there is no release date yet as of this writing, it is expected to hit the Steam store in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Do you plan to get Splitgate? Are you playing in the closed beta this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

Additional reporting done by Jason “Da Jasonator” Sommerfeldt.