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Battle For Azeroth Beta: What’s On The GCD?


The GCD has been a point of contention in the Battle For Azeroth beta.

The beta has had numerous abilities go on and off of the global cooldown (GCD). You can find a comprehensive list of what is currently on the GCD and what isn’t on it here. However, all things are subject to change in the beta, and Blizzard recently announced that they will be removing all racial abilities and on-use trinkets from the GCD.

GCD issues

Josh “Lore” Allen said in a blue post, “Yeah, we agree that having racials on the GCD isn’t feeling great. Having to press multiple buttons in a row that don’t do anything but increase throughput isn’t particularly engaging. While we can resolve that issue within the context of a spec’s toolkit, racials (as well as on-use trinkets) add an extra layer on top of that. So, in an upcoming beta build (likely next week), we’ll be taking racials and on-use trinkets back off of the GCD.”

What did Lore mean by resolving the issue within the context of a spec’s toolkit? It depends on whether or not you know the spec you are playing within your class. One commenter, Slant, tried to clear the air on what Lore meant by his statement. “They acknowledge it’s still a problem for some specs but they can fix that. Fixing racials and trinkets shared across multiple classes is a much harder nut to crack.”

Another commenter, Bladelocke, echoed the sentiment of a portion of the player base. “It is not fun to hit buttons that literally do nothing but apply a buff during your DPS rotation,” he said. This sort of logic may apply to people who are attempting to achieve high parses.

What do you think should be on the GCD? What shouldn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

New Mythic Keystone Records Set

Mythic Keystone dungeon

The Mythic keystone race reached a lot of new heights.

Last week’s Mythic keystone affixes were quite favorable to groups who were attempting to build their keystones. The affixes were Sanguine, Grievous, and Fortified, which made it ideal for AOE-heavy groups. Reaching the heights of Mythic+ progression has been a recurring theme in Legion.

Two +29 keystones were completed last week. This is the first time in this expansion that a team cleared a +29 keystone. The first +29 Mythic keystone in the world was Lower Karazhan. The team that completed this Mythic+ was a blood death knight and holy paladin. The three DPS were an affliction warlock, a fire mage, and a windwalker monk. This shows that the team was built for a continuous stream of AOE.

Mythic Keystone +29

Last week was so favorable to Mythic+ groups that every dungeon except Black Rook Hold had a new record. Another team cleared the same keystone and set a new record for the most points ever from a dungeon on Raider.io.

Another new Mythic Keystone record

The composition for the second clearing included a vengeance demon hunter, holy paladin, assassination rogue, affliction warlock, and windwalker monk. It seems that there are a lot of common class/spec combinations this expansion. This will obviously change in Battle For Azeroth. One commenter, Stym, said about the meta, “We’ll still see some popular/race comps, they just won’t be the same ones as in Legion. Here’s to hoping there will be more variety.”

Another interesting thing to point out is that each member of both teams was playing a blood elf. This is a testament to the power of the blood elf racial ability, which will be changed in Battle For Azeroth.

What do you think about these teams reaching new heights in the Mythic+ race? What’s the highest keystone you’ve cleared? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Beta: Mag’har Orc Recruitment Scenario

Mag'har Orc

The Mag’har Orc is one of the new allied races in Battle For Azeroth.

Although it was one of the allied races we previously covered, we now have some clues as to how to recruit this allied race. Recruiting the Mag’har Orc allied race is still subject to change between now and when Battle For Azeroth releases on August 14.

Mag'har Orc playable race

The Lightbound, a fanatical Draenei sect, is hunting the Mag’har Orcs to force them to worship the Light. The Lightbound Draenei are the alternate universe (AU) version of the Lightforged Draenei. This is a callback to Warlords of Draenor when the Draenei and the Orcs agreed to work together. Sylvanas is able to re-open the portal to Draenor, albeit the AU version of it.

In the AU version of Draenor, Yrel is apparently the leader of Lightbound Draenei (or at least occupies a high-ranking position within the group). Durotan and Draka have a daughter, Geya’rah. In this version of Draenor, Garrosh apparently joins the Lightbound forces. The line that indicates this says, “Some orcs even sided with the draenei against their kin…even the warchief’s own son was lost! We call those traitors Lightbound.”

The timelines cross over in one specific incident: when Grommash and Eitrigg from different timelines speak with one another.

Other dialogue during the scenario indicate that Grommash and Eitrigg from different timelines interact with one another:

Grommash: It has been many years since I set eyes upon a green-skinned orc. And this one at your side is…familiar. You come from Azeroth.
Eitrigg: Indeed. I am Eitrigg, and this is (character name), champion of the Horde.
Grommash: Eitrigg…I knew an Eitrigg who served Blackhand. He was an honorable orc who died in glorious battle.
Eitrigg: And the Grommash Hellscream I knew gave his life to free us from the grip of demons. A worthy death.
Grommash: Well then here we are…two old ghosts. Why have you returned to Draenor after all this time?
Eitrigg: Heroes from my world once freed yours from the grip of tyrants. Now Azeroth faces a similar threat, so we have come to ask repayment of that debt.

What do you think of the scenario? Will you be playing a Mag’har Orc in Battle For Azeroth? Let us know in the comments below!

Path Of Exile: Incursion Coming June 1

Path of Exile Incursion

Path of Exile is releasing a new expansion, Incursion, next month.

Path of Exile has become one of the most widely played dungeon crawlers today. The game is currently available on both PC and consoles. New expansions and leagues give players the ability to test out features that could possibly be rolled into the main game itself. DVS Gaming spoke with Chris Wilson, producer and developer at Grinding Gear Games for Path of Exile, about the new expansion, Incursion.

Incursion Temple of Atozatl

“The short term and long term goals in Incursion are to make the content replayable,” Wilson said. He pointed out that the content cycle will bring new leagues and/or expansions every 3 months. The upcoming expansion involves players rerolling fresh characters and a new economy.

The expansion involves exploring the Temple of Atzoatl, which was built during the height of the ancient Vaal Empire. The re-discovery of the temple during Incursion has prompted players to explore it in the past. The explorer Alva Valai will open a portal into the past to enter the Temple of Atzoatl. According to Grinding Gear Games, you can run the full temple every 11 areas and get 10 full Temple runs by the time you finish the main quest.

Incursion Temple Map

The choice is yours in what you want to upgrade in the Temple of Atzoatl.

The rooms in the temple will change if you perform specific actions in the past. You can upgrade rooms and open up new pathways to other rooms during each run. Killing enemies increases the time limit you have during each run. Upgrading each room, however, represents an increase in difficulty. Depending on your playstyle and what you want out of the temple, you’ll have to choose wisely to upgrade a room (usually by killing another architect) and choosing which pathways to open. For example, upgrading the Poison Garden room will result in players getting damaged over time via poisonous plants. These get stronger with each upgrade. However, if players are seeking specific rewards, they might want to upgrade specific rooms and survive the challenge.

Wilson also stated that the new expansion represents two layers of difficulty: the rush of a time trial and quick decision-making skills that require players to constantly be on the move. What do you think about the new Path of Exile expansion? Let us know in the comments below!



BREAKING: Rick and Morty Getting 70 New Episodes!!!

Rick and Morty

The dispute between the creative forces behind Rick and Morty and Adult Swim has come to an end.

Rick and Morty has become one of the most popular television shows in recent years. The show focuses on Rick and his grandson, Morty, who go on interdimensional adventures together. The show’s sense of humor has been a hit with fans of all ages, and many fans appreciated its bizarre yet interesting humor. Today, Rick and Morty is getting 70 new episodes, or at least 7 new seasons.

Rick and Morty promotional material

However, after Season 3 aired in 2017, the show’s future was in limbo. Unsurprisingly, fans demanded answers from the show’s creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The show’s creators told fans that there were ongoing talks between them and Adult Swim.

Rick and Morty co-creator Roiland posted this image on his personal Twitter account. This means that the show is now back in development, although there has been no information on when Season 4 will air.

Rumors about the show circulated rapidly on the Internet. One of the show’s writers, Ryan Ridley, said that the show wasn’t even being worked on at all earlier this year. In contrast, Harmon and Roiland said that they were in talks with Adult Swim to renew the show. Given the tough negotiations in entertainment today, the latter reason may have been why the Rick and Morty rumor mill was churning at full speed since Season 3’s wrap-up in October 2017.

Rick and Morty fans during the lull between Season 3 and the announcement of Season 4?

The show’s co-creators have surprised fans before, and might do it again.

Given the unpredictable nature of the creative forces behind the show, it is still possible that we could see new episodes in 2018 itself. However, given that the contract between the two parties was just renewed, fans may have to wait until 2019.

What do you think about this latest development by Adult Swim? Are you looking forward to new episodes of Rick and Morty? Let us know in the comments below!



EA Game Changers Program To Begin Accepting Applications

image of teh oval space at ea fifa
EA Fifa

The Game Changers program offers benefits such as early access and exclusives.

Electronic Arts have opened up applications to their Game Changers Program. If you have an online presence, you are more then welcome to apply. The online presence could be Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and more.  You can find out more information on the dedicated information page EA has set up for the program.

image of ea game changer playing ea fifia
EA Fifa

Game Changers is a community partnership program. This program empowers storytelling, and offers early gameplay access. The idea is to put the community at the center of events done by EA. Many players love storytelling, especially in games such as The SimsSo, the storytelling experience is a desired aspect among the Sim players, as well as other gamers.

As a game changer, EA will train and invest in you. In fact, they will even help you reach your goals. You also have a chance of being in the spotlight and shared on EA’s social channels if you are chosen to be a Game Changer. Currently, space is limited, but in the upcoming months, this could change.

image of the oval space at ea
EA Fifa

The program is still in Alpha stage so that it could change drastically in the next few months. They hold training events that help their creators on Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube learn the latest in editing, content creating, and more. EA will require full disclosure, which is understandable. They expect transparency with every game changer they have.

EA does not partner with influencers, agencies, or talents that do not support full disclosure. The game changers will have complete control over their content. EA will not approve their opinions or material. Though, the content will be monitored just to ensure the requirements met.

image of ea game changers graphic
EA Game Changers

Are you going to apply for the Game Changers program? Let us know in the comments below what you think?


Battle For Azeroth Beta: War Mode Available For Testing

War Mode PvP

Will War Mode represent a huge shift in PvP?

We previously covered the new approach to PvP in Battle For Azeroth. Simply put, War Mode enables PvP talents in the open world and gives better rewards, but subjects the player to attack from the enemy faction. This may be the answer to players who have complained about world PvP (specifically, the lack of it). Blizzard has turned on the mode for testing, allowing players to give feedback on what is working and what can be improved.

War Mode enlisted buff

As of this writing, turning on War Mode gives 15% increased experience. At max level, this turns into 10% extra rewards from completing world quests. Players can avail of increased gold or artifact power.

War Mode sample talent tree

In the current iteration of War Mode, players can select a PvP trinket and three PvP talents from Legion. One can pick between the classic PvP trinket, Adaptation (automatic removal of any crowd control effect longer than 5 seconds, with a cooldown of a minute), and Relentless (20 percent reduction in the duration of crowd control effects).

War Mode sample talent tree 2

War Mode sample talent tree 3

You can select three additional honor talents depending on your playstyle. You might select crowd control-related abilities if you want to keep the opposing faction away from you. A more offensive-minded player might select abilities that increase damage or stats associated with the player’s class and spec.

As with everything in the beta, nothing is truly final.

Game designer Phalanx said on the forums, “We will be doing some changes to honor talents based upon core class changes to selected classes. We may introduce new honor talents as well where appropriate. That said, I’d caution against expectations of huge sweeping changes or revisions to the current talents. We shouldn’t underestimate the possibility of new gameplay surfacing from the fact that you can choose among all of the honor talents in the new system.”

That being said, are you looking forward to War Mode? What direction do you think Blizzard is taking regarding PvP? Let us know in the comments below!

World of Warcraft Gold Worth More Than Some Real-Life Currencies

Gold in World of Warcraft

Are you farming World of Warcraft gold? You might be (relatively) wealthy.

World of Warcraft gold has been a market in itself. In past expansions, gold selling sites would take to creative ways to advertise their websites. One such method was to have floating level 1 characters spell out the URL to gold selling sites. These sites would use hacked World of Warcraft accounts to advertise these services. Thankfully, there are now various ways and means for players to block and report these individuals from ruining the game experience.

World of Warcraft gold worth more than Venezuelan bolivar

World of Warcraft gold is so valuable that it is even worth more than the currencies of entire countries. One of these countries, Venezuela, has been experiencing massive inflation in recent years. One dollar is worth about 10,000 World of Warcraft gold, while one dollar is worth almost 70,000 bolivares. This is based on the black market rate, namely because the country is currently in political and economic upheaval.

World of Warcraft currency, as of this writing, is worth more than several other real-life currencies as well. The Indonesian rupiah ($1 = IDR 14,096), Iranian rial ($1 = IRR 42,024), and Vietnamese dong ($1 = VND 22,783) are all worth less than World of Warcraft currency according to XE Corporation.

World of Warcraft petro cryptocurrency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro launched a cryptocurrency called the petro in February 2018. The cryptocurrency is allegedly backed by Venezuela’s vast oil and mineral reserves. The petro is equivalent to the price of a single Venezuelan oil barrel, much like World of Warcraft has set a price for a token (1 token is now approximately 200,000 gold, or $20). There are also reports that the bolivar will be revalued in June 2018 as the bolivar fuerte (strong bolivar).

What do you think of all your in-game gold farming efforts actually being worth it? Do you plan to farm even more World of Warcraft currency for the new expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

World of Warcraft Player Gets Jail Sentence For DDoS Attack


World of Warcraft is subject to DDoS attacks on a regular basis, but now there are consequences to those actions.

World of Warcraft and other online games are subject to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks because malicious individuals find a way to disrupt everyone’s gaming time. What is a DDoS attack? A DDoS attack is a way to make an online service unavailable by flooding the servers with requests from multiple sources.

Below is a visualization of what a DDoS attack would look like. While these attacks happen on a regular basis, it seems that those responsible slip through the fingers of Blizzard and law enforcement. Business returns to normal—at least until the next attack.

DDoS Attack Example

The man identified in the attacks is 38-year-old Romanian Calin Mateias. Mateias launched the attacks on World of Warcraft EU servers back in 2010. Some of the reasons he carried out the attacks were because of loot issues and membership in raid teams. There will always the occasional disagreement between who gets what piece of loot and who will be part of the team that gets to do Mythic raids. Mateias took it a lot further than that, disrupting the gameplay experience for everyone in the EU.

Mateias received an indictment in 2011 and was in custody since November 20 of last year. In February, he pleaded guilty to one count of intentional damage to a protected computer. He received a year of jail time as a result. Mateias also had to pay Blizzard Entertainment $30,000 for labor costs.

Mateias’ arrest may prompt DDoS attackers to think twice.

While Mateias’ sentencing may not be huge news by itself, European law enforcement recently shut down Webstresser.org, which was a facilitator of DDoS attacks. The website allowed users to pay for DDoS attacks against big and small websites alike. Law enforcement arrested the admins for their role in numerous attacks dating back to 2015. Actions were also taken against site users. These users originated from the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Spain, Croatia, and Hong Kong, among others.

Should DDoS attackers be subject to harsher penalties? Let us know in the comments below!