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What are the Enchanting Changes in Battle for Azeroth Beta?


The Enchanting Profession Has Some Significant Changes Coming in Battle for Azeroth.  Is Enchanting Still a Strong Profession?

It looks like weapon enchants will be making a comeback in Battle for Azeroth.  Some of our old enchantments will remain, but there are some significant changes coming.  Here are the latest updates to enchanting, compiled from the beta test server and Wowhead.

Along with ring enchants that boost your secondary stats, glove enchants will be available to boost your professions, similar to what we saw in previous expansions.  You can boost crafting, surveying (alchemy), skinning, mining, and herbalism with glove enchants in BFA.

Players may be surprised to learn neck and cloak enchants are not currently available in BfA.  You will notice that other enchantments appear to be added instead to make up for this change.

Enchanters will see the return of weapon enchants with BfA.  Players can get a boost of 35% to their attack speed for 10 seconds with the Gale-Force Striking enchantment.  Users can get a boost to elemental spells by 20% with the Torrent of Elements enchantment.  The Siphoning weapon enchantment allows the user to obtain an extra 7% leech.  Players can also receive an occasional mana regeneration with the Coastal Surge enchantment.  You may also be introduced to another currently unnamed enchantment to help reduce the threat.

Along with the above weapon enchants, there is also a new group of enchantments that provide a boost to secondary stats.  You can receive a critical strike increase with the Deadly Navigation enchantment.  The Quick Navigation enchantment will provide a haste boost.  Masterful navigation imbues the weapon with a mastery buff.  Users can enchant their weapon with Versatile Navigation for a versatility boost.

Players can even increase armor with the Stalwart Navigation enchantment.  Each of these stat enchantments has a stacking effect and, once fully stacked, lasts for 12 seconds, providing a significant increase in that stat for the duration making these enchants very powerful for many players.

Players can also now enchant bracers to provide one of three hearthing benefits.  Users enchanting their bracers with Cooled Hearthing will have five minutes removed from their hearth timer.  Safe hearthing allows you to have an absorb shield while hearthing, which will most likely allow you to hearth safely even while in combat.  Crafters can also create the enchantment Swift Hearthing, allowing players to have a faster cast to their hearthstone.

WoW pvp feature

Crafters will also find interested in the PvP wands Honorable Combatant’s Salutary Scepter and Honorable Combatant’s Sorcerous Scepter.  Both of these wands offer 11 intellect and 16 stamina along with 12.23 DPS and require level 120 to equip.

Enchanting continues to hold an important place in BFA for crafters, and will likely have many sought-after enchantments to help boost player performance.  What do you think about the changes?  Let us know in the comments!


Battle For Azeroth Beta: Thros, The Blighted Lands Preview

Jaina Proudmoore Thros, The Blighted Lands

Thros, the Blighted Lands is a scenario involving Jaina Proudmoore.

Thros, the Blighted Lands is an upcoming scenario in Battle For Azeroth. Jaina Proudmoore’s absence in Legion was a blow to Alliance fans. Jaina attempts to bring the people of Kul Tiras into the Alliance. Jaina’s reputation among the people of Kul Tiras is less than welcome, as she was allegedly responsible for the death of her father, Daelin Proudmoore. Lady Ashvane also convinces Jaina’s mother, Katherine Proudmoore, to exile Jaina. Jaina’s presence on the BlizzCon 2017 badge indicated that she would play a huge role in Battle For Azeroth.

Thros, The Blighted Lands

The map here is an altered version of Drustvar. The scenario takes place in the Crimson Forest (hence why the rest of it is grayed out). You will follow Katherine into the area to pursue Jaina. You will have to confront her images and try to find the real Jaina. Daelin makes an appearance here, as well as the Herald of Gorak Tul. Gorak Tul is also the final boss of the Waycrest Manor dungeon.

Herald of Gorak Tul

In the scenario, the Herald of Gorak Tul summons adds and hits enemies with Darkened Lightning and Death Lens. To take out Death Lens, one has to step in between the beam and the target. Players will have to kill adds and stay spread apart, as Darkened Lightning can jump to other players. In addition, the adds can be resurrected by the Herald himself.

To permanently destroy the adds, one must use Alchemical Fire to prevent the corpses from resurrecting after the Herald reaches 100 energy. Dread Essence hits everyone for some damage as well.

It may be rumored that Jaina could be a raid boss in a future content patch, but this is all still subject to speculation. What do you think is in store for Jaina? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Dungeon Preview: Siege of Boralus

Siege of Boralus City

Siege of Boralus is a new dungeon in Battle For Azeroth.

We previously talked about Siege of Boralus during alpha, and now the entire dungeon is playable. Lady Ashvane and the Freehold pirates, under the influence of Queen Azshara, assault Boralus after a failed attempt to get Katherine Proudmoore to resign as the leader of the city.

Siege of Boralus City 2

There are five bosses in Siege of Boralus: Chopper Redhook, Sergeant Bainbridge, Dread Captain Lockwood, Hadal Darkfathom, and Viq’Goth.

Chopper Redhook

Chopper Redhook and his Irontide forces are wreaking havoc on the streets of Boralus. He fixates a random player with his Meat Hook. This gets faster with Boiling Rage. In addition, he summons adds that the party must defeat. To make matters worse, players have to deal with constant cannon bombardment and Heavy Ordinance. Tanks must run over these mines. If Heavy Ordinance explodes, the entire group gets massive damage.

DPS must kill adds and hit the boss if not targeted by On The Hook, while tanks must stay out of melee range during Heavy Hitter. Healers must make sure that any damage is healed up.

Sergeant Bainbridge

One of the officers of the Kul Tiran church, Sergeant Bainbridge will make sure that anyone who opposes him will die a painful death. Much like Chopper Redhook, he uses his Hangman’s Noose to fixate on a random player. Also like the previous boss, he will summon adds and fire cannons at players. DPS will have to kill adds like before, and damage the boss if they are not fixated. Tanks will have to face Sergeant Bainbridge’s attacks away from the party and kite him around due to Heavy Hitter.

Dread Captain Lockwood

Another boss who summons adds, Dread Captain Lockwood retreats to her ship and fires at players, hitting them with damage and leaving a DoT effect on them. In addition, the boss also fires Blast in the area. Players must pick up Unstable Ordinance and throw them at her ship to get her to come back to the battlefield. Tanks have to face her Crimson Swipe away from the party as well as avoid a cone attack called Clear The Deck, which can knock back players.

Hadal Darkfathom

Hadal Darkfathom is a sea giant summoned to Boralus from the depths of the ocean. He will summon pools of water called Break Water that need to be avoided. These knock players into the air and inflict nature damage to the entire party. At full energy, he will summon a Tidal Surge that envelops the battlefield, which players must avoid.


Lady Ashvane has summoned Viq’Goth in her attempt to destroy Boralus. Players will need to rescue cannoneers to repair cannons that will allow the party to damage Viq’Goth. Viq’Goth uses Call of the Deep to attack areas on the battlefield and will occasionally spew water at the party for some damage plus a DoT effect. Those who have Putrid Waters should run away from the group and have a healer dispel them. DPS will have to attack Gripping Terrors to release cannoneers, while tanks will attack Demolishing Terrors to prevent them from using Hull Cracker, which will deal massive damage to the party if the tank is not within melee range.

What do you think of the dungeons so far? Are you enjoying the beta? Please let us know in the comments below!

What’s New With Alchemy in Battle for Azeroth Beta?


Is Alchemy Still a Top Profession in the Battle For Azeroth Beta?  Let’s take a look.

With Battle for Azeroth just around the corner, you may be wondering what changes are coming to professions.  Although any beta is always subject to change, here’s a quick look at what to expect from alchemy.  These changes are compiled from the test server and Wowhead.

Players can continue to use the alchemy profession to create flasks and potions.  Some new alchemy options: Flask of the Undertow gives a boost to strength. Flask of the Vast Horizon for Stamina. Flask of Endless Fathoms for Intellect. And Flask of the Currents for Agility.  Along with Coastal Mana Potion, Coastal Healing Potion, Coastal Rejuvenation Potion, and Elixir of Replenishment will come an array of utility potions.  You can become invisible for up to 3 minutes with The Potion of Concealment, broken by any movement.  Players can turn into a cloud with the Sea Mist Potion, which has a slow-fall effect.  Demitri’s Draught of Deception allows invisibility for 18 seconds.  Users can receive a damage boost by using the Elixir of Noxious Touch, which poisons enemies.  Lightfoot Potion is a burst movement increase.

potion, blue

Players can continue to craft trinkets with the alchemy profession.  You can receive an increase to your main stat for fifteen seconds (strength, agility, or intellect,) as well as increase the effect of healing and mana potions for the user by forty percent when using the new Surging Alchemist Stone and the Siren’s Alchemist Stone.  Furthermore, alchemists can also craft two tincture trinkets. The Endless Tincture of Renewed Combat trinket restores four health when a target that gives honor or experience is killed.  The Endless Tincture of Fractional Power trinket also allows a boost to the flask buff lasting for 12 seconds on use.

potion, red

A variety of transmutation potions continue to be available to maximize use of resources, all of which are similar to what we have seen before.

In general, it looks like Alchemy will continue to be a strong and useful profession, especially for players looking to maximize their utility in the PVE environment.  What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments!

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailer Shows off New Gameplay

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Concept Art

First Hand Look at New Exciting Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay

During Ubisoft’s E3 2017 conference, the company announced a sequel to 2003’s Beyond Good and Evil was in full swing. Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, in early as 2007, left the game wrapped in mystery until its official announcement at last year’s E3.

In a recently released trailer, creative manager Jean-Marc Geffroy shows off a few new gameplay and combat mechanics. Along with this, new information regarding certain characters control, and their specific roles in game. Pirates were also confirmed to be the profession of the players character, with players having to work their way from the bottom up. This is done by forming a crew and commanding a ship. With freedom of movement being key to exploring the game world. The game offers a large, expansive world, with several cities and planets that the player will be able to traverse. Whether it be by spacecraft, a jetpack or on foot, there is much to see. And with such an open world, the player can opt to switch between these methods in a matter of seconds.

Shared worlds have become common in certain open world games, with UniSofts new game portraying this new feature. With this feature in place, players will be able to form clans, or opt in to world events that may provide rewards to participating players. These clans and public events remain a mystery as to how they will play out. However, players will be able to track certain players they encounter, which may be the key system to creating clans.

With the original Beyond Good and Evil’s release back in 2003, it is surprising that Ubisoft is willing to spend a great deal of time and money towards this project. The community still knows very little about certain aspects of the game. But, with E3 just around the corner, expect to hear more at Ubisoft’s E3 presentation.

Will you be keeping your eye on this exciting new project at this years E3? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Beta: Kakapo, Pirate Crabs, and More


The Battle For Azeroth beta is brimming with new NPC models and weapon models.

the Battle For Azeroth beta has revealed several new NPC models and weapon models. This includes the Rastakhan weapon, which has several recolor variants.

Battle For Azeroth Rastakhan Weapon

The kakapo, which is also a real-life bird, is an interesting inclusion in the new build. The actual bird is endemic to New Zealand. As of December 2016, only 149 of these exist in the world, making it critically endangered. This could possibly call attention to the plight of the actual kakapo itself, as one commenter pointed out in the latest build announcement. There are rumors that it might be a pet available in the game. Due to its real-life status as a critically endangered species, it could also be a charity pet in the future.

Battle for Azeroth Kakapo

Some other inclusions in the game include the monkey skeleton captain and monkey skeleton pirates, leading some commenters to call them “undead Hozen” and “skeleton Hozen.”

Battle For Azeroth Monkey Skeleton Captain

Battle For Azeroth Monkey Skeleton Pirate

The inclusion of pirate hooks means a new fist weapon in the game. This might be a good transmog option for those who are looking to rock out in full pirate gear.

Battle For Azeroth Pirate Hook

Several reskins of crabs are another highlight of this build. It could be possible that these crabs could be rare in-game pets or even hunter pets. The skins of the crabs suggest that at least two of the models are faction-specific. However, as with all beta builds, nothing is final.

Battle For Azeroth Crab One Battle For Azeroth Crab Two Battle For Azeroth Crab Three

As we previously mentioned, Queen Azshara got a makeover in the alpha. Her weapon model has been revealed in the latest beta build. This may lead to more credence that she will be a raid boss in a future content patch.

Battle for Azeroth Queen Azshara weapon model

What are your thoughts on the latest pieces of content in this beta build? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Dungeon Preview: King’s Rest

King's Rest Loading Screen

King’s Rest is a new dungeon in Battle For Azeroth.

King’s Rest is a new dungeon in Battle For Azeroth. It is only available in Mythic difficulty as of this writing. However, that may be subject to change (much like Karazhan was Mythic-only at the beginning of Legion).

King's Rest and Zul

Zul’s role in this dungeon is similar to his role in Mists of Pandaria when he revived and controlled the Thunder King. In King’s Rest, Zul is attempting to resurrect and bend the might of the past Zandalari kings. There are four fights in this instance: The Golden Serpent, Mchimba the Embalmer, The Council of Tribes, and Dazar, The First King.

The Golden Serpent

The Golden Serpent fires gold at players which they have to kill after the serpent empowers it with Lucre’s Call. If the gold reaches the boss, it will empower him with Luster, which will increase his damage. Players can CC the adds to prevent them from reaching The Golden Serpent. Healers will have to watch out for any players affected by Spit Gold.

Mchimba the Embalmer

This construct is present in King’s Rest to entomb the past kings of Zandalar. However, he is out to entomb players who dare step into King’s Rest as well. Tanks need to avoid Burn Corruption. Healers have to heal players below 90% health afflicted by Desiccation, which reduces damage and movement speed by half. DPS can avoid Desiccation by interrupting Drain Fluid with an immunity (i.e. Ice Block). Players who get entombed can call out their allies to free them from their tomb by hitting struggle. If players are not freed in time, Mchimba the Embalmer can summon additional adds into the fight.

The Council of Tribes

The Council of Tribes is a three-part fight involving Aka’ali the Conqueror, Kula the Butcher, and Zanazal the Wise. The order in which they appear changes from week to week. After one councilor is defeated, the next councilor joins until all three are defeated. However, the defeated councilor(s) will return periodically to use a single ability throughout the fight.

Tanks have to deal with Aka’ali the Conqueror’s Debilitating Backhand, which deals heavy damage to tanks and applies a debuff to them, meaning players will have to kite this boss around. For Kula the Butcher, players need to avoid Whirling Axes. Players will have to absorb Barrel Through to reduce the group’s damage. Healers will have to also heal through Kula the Butcher’s Severing Axe, and avoid interruption from Zanazal the Wise’s Thundering Crash. Players will also have to interrupt Zanazal the Wise’s Poison Nova and kill his totems when he casts Call of the Elements.

Dazar, The First King

Zul awakens Dazar, The First King for the final encounter of King’s Rest. He will summon his hunting raptor, Raban, at 80% health. At 60%, he will mount T’zala, which players have to kill quickly. Finally, Dazar will fire spears at the group from 40% until he dies.

Tanks will have to pop defensive cooldowns for the final two hits of Blade Combo, which will deal heavy damage. Reban’s presence in the battle means that the tank has to intercept him from attacking other members of the group. Quaking Leap hits the group for some damage but decreases the further away you are from other players. Those targeted with Quaking Leap will have to move very far away from the group.

Dazar also has a chance of dropping a mount (Mummified Raptor Skull) or pet (Thousand Year Old Mummy Wraps) from either Mythic difficulty or a Mythic+ cache.

What are your thoughts on the Battle For Azeroth beta so far? Let us know in the comments below!


Frostpunk Living Up to its Hype?

Frostpunk, Coverart, 11 bit studios

Was the Hype Around Frostpunk Justified?

With a solid Metascore of 87, and very positive user reviews as of the 25th of April, Frostpunk by 11 Bit Studios is trailing just right behind Subnautica. Have the same developers of another acclaimed title, This War of Mine, nailed it yet again?

This just might be the case. Having followed the development of Frostpunk, when I first heard about it just weeks before its release, I knew what to expect and hope for. So, I was not disappointed when the game was finally released on the 24th of April, and I had the chance to taste the harsh winter apocalypse firsthand!

Frost Punk - Actions have Consequences

Testing your Conscience & Consequences

Frostpunk, unlike This War of Mine, tests the player’s decision making. Frostpunk is set in a ‘Snowpocalyptic’ world. The rapidly worsening weather has left London devastated. As the Captain in command of the small number of refugees which have survived, it is your job to maintain and shelter your new settlement. Live or die by the enormous generator at the heart of your new home: New London.

This is not simple to do, however. Frostpunk loves to challenge players left and right. You never know when you will need to execute a fellow man stealing food rations for his family, just to set an example. It isn’t often you’ll be presented with a scenario to balance survival of the whole colony against the lives of a few colonists. Every decision you take can have grave consequences.

As the Captain, it is your responsibility to set new laws into motion. One of the early laws you can set is to either have child laborers, or build shelters for the children so they have somewhere to stay during working hours. Being short of helping hands and desperate for resources to provide people with something as basic as a tent can easily influence your decision.

Even so, I wasn’t swayed. I was adamant we, the good folk of New London, would overcome our struggles and grow stronger as a result. New Londoners were grateful the children had a warm shelter and an opportunity for education. It was to my pleasant surprise to later learn my decision had somewhat positive consequences!

Frostpunk New London Beacon Concept Art

Is this all there is to Frostpunk?

In my estimation, no. Harsh decision making on an in-game hourly basis is barely scratching the surface. Resource management and optimization is just one aspect of many you will need to keep tabs on in order to make sure your colony survives.

Thinking two steps ahead is the name of the game. You will need to brace against the elements. For better, or for worse. Work towards reasonable compromises, or face the uproar wrought upon by a desperate populace. The decisions are ever changing.

Sooner or later you will come to realize that, yes, there is a world which needs exploration. You will send scout parties out into the wasteland in pursuit of resources, survivors, and even knowledge. Questions you might encounter: Any useful abandoned technology? Have others made it out? Is this winter truly everlasting? It’s up to you to find out!

While the main campaign, depending on how well you do and how fast you play through it, is pretty short in my opinion. There are two other scenarios, each with its own unique features, that you can play through once complete with the basic storyline. Don’t fret! As of April 28th, developers have confirmed they’re planning on continuously adding content over the coming months.

Frostpunk Steam Generator Concept Art

What is my honest opinion?

Frostpunk is simply breath-taking. The game can keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat for hours. Unfortunately, this is why the game falls short.

You spend hours, unable to walk away from the game, pushing your luck, sending people on extra shifts just to make sure everyone survives the night. Gathering just enough resources from day to day. Watching your colony thrive. Panicking as your colony descends into chaos. Bubbling with excitement as you realize that yes, you might just make it!

It’s at this point, as you’re awaiting the inevitable with bated breath, you reach the point of no return and then …! That’s it? I can’t say a better statement could describe Frostpunk. It’s truly a rollercoaster of emotions you never want to end! This might truly be its only fault.

A Solid Rating: 8 / 10

Those of you that have played Frostpunk, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with what has been said? Those who haven’t, do you believe you would be willing to give Frostpunk a chance? Leave a comment down below!

Alternatively, check out other reviews from the DVS Gaming here!

Battle For Azeroth War Mode: What We Know

War Mode PvP

War Mode signifies one of the major reworks to PvP in Battle For Azeroth.

War Mode will mean that the distinctions between PvP and PvE servers will no longer exist. During last week’s Q&A, some major changes were announced. For example, there was the splitting between small and large battlegrounds. Players will no longer have to blacklist Alterac Valley or the Isle of Conquest. Blizzard even hinted that in the future, large battlegrounds such as the Battle for Southshore could come back as well.

A post on the forums has updated some of the War Mode specifics. In Legion, PvP talents would automatically trigger upon entering combat with another player. This happens even if you were fighting a world boss and accidentally hit that player with an AoE ability. The change in Battle For Azeroth will allow players to use PvP talents even when fighting PvE mobs while War Mode is turned on.

War Zone World PvP

The scaling in War Mode is another issue that Blizzard brought up. “In order to create fair fights and good gameplay, our goal is to limit the extremes in power between players in War Mode that come from gear and level. We want you to have an advantage if your gear is better, but within reason,” game designer Phalanx said. This may be subject to change, as players’ feedback could determine what is considered good scaling.

You can even earn conquest points in world PvP. While the main sources of conquest are rated arena and rated battlegrounds (and to a lesser extent, unrated battlegrounds), world PvP objectives will also reward conquest.

War Zone Halaa

Bounty hunting is an interesting new addition to PvP in Battle For Azeroth.

An intriguing new feature that War Mode will bring to world PvP is bounty hunting. In the past, PvP-themed guilds would place bounties on certain players and pay whoever killed that player. These bounties could reach over 100,000 gold if players were adept PvPers or notorious on the server. Bounty hunting will become a feature in Battle For Azeroth. If you kill more players in world PvP, you have a higher chance of having a bounty placed on your head. Players of the opposing faction will be notified of your presence and can slay you for a reward.

While there will be other features in War Mode, they will be shared at a later date. “While we have one or two other content features in War Mode we’ll share later on, one of our goals is to keep it minimal,” Phalanx added.

What do you think about War Mode? Will bounty hunting bring out the PvPer in you? Let us know in the comments below!