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Battle for Azeroth Raid Uldir Weapon and Armor Skins

uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Uldir Warglave from Wowhead

What are the New Skins for Weapons and Armor in the Battle for Azeroth Uldir Raid?  Here’s a Look at What to Expect.

With new raids come new transmogs.  Here’s a look at what you can expect from the upcoming Uldir Raid in Battle for Azeroth based on a compilation from Wowhead.  Most of the armor and weapons were created with the Zandalari in mind and, therefore, have a troll theme.

Cloth Armor

Cloth Mythic Armor has a distinctive white, gold, and grey look, while the other color variations include black, tan, and pink.

Uldir, Mythic, Cloth, raid, BFA
Mythic Cloth Armor from Wowhead
Uldir, cloth, wowhead, bfa, raid
Cloth Armor from Wowhead
uldir, cloth, raid, wow, bfa
Cloth Armor from Wowhead
Uldir, cloth, raid, bfa, wow
Cloth Armor from Wowhead

Mail Armor

Mail Mythic armor is predominantly gold with a full helm.  The regular variations have partial helms with a different colored gem in each slot.

Uldir, mail, armor, raid, wow, bfa
Mythic Mail Armor from Wowhead
Uldir, Mail, Armor, wow, bfa
Mail Armor from Wowhead
Uldir, mail, armor, wow, bfa
Mail Armor from Wowhead
Uldir, mail, armor, raid, wow, bfa
Mail Armor from Wowhead

Plate Armor

Mythic Plate armor is predominantly gold as well, following the theme with mythic armor for Uldir.  Each variation of the regular armor has a different eye glow effect and overall color vatiation.

Uldir, plate, mythic, armor, wow, bfa, raid
Mythic Plate Armor from Wowhead
Uldir, plate, armor, wow, bfa, raid
Plate Armor from Wowhead
Uldir, plate, raid, armor, bfa
Plate Armor from Wowhead
Uldir, raid, bfa, wow, plate, armor
Plate Armor from Wowhead

Leather skins are not yet available to view.

Uldir Weapon Skins

The weapons that can be obtained from the Uldir raid have a very similar troll vibe.  Here’s an overview of what to expect from the new Battle for Azeroth content.

uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
One-Handed Swords from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
One-Handed Axe from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Titan Construct Weapon from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Warglave from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Warglave from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Warglave from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Glaves from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Two-Handed Maces from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Uldir Bows from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Shields from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Gun from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Gun from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Gun from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
One-Handed Swords from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Staff Variations from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Fist Weapons from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Off-Hand Weapons from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Polearms from Wowhead
uldir, weapon, wowhead, raid, bfa
Daggers from Wowhead

What do you think of the new skins available in BfA?  Let us know in the comments!

Jdotb Talks Current and Future Mythic+ Progression


Jdotb, one of the best World of Warcraft players in the world, gives his thoughts on Mythic+ dungeons.

Jdotb is a resto druid who is currently competing on the Method NA team. He will represent them in the Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI) LAN finals. While players around the world are scrambling to raise their Raider.io score to get invited into higher and higher Mythic+ keys, Jdotb gives some of his insights into how players can improve to get into the MDI.

Jdotb runs Upper Karazhan +26

Is money the motive in the MDI?

In an interview with Wowhead, the resto druid from Method NA had said that money isn’t the key motivator for participating in the MDI. “If you’re competing in the MDI to win money, then no it isn’t worth the time. It likely never will be. While the MDI has shown promise as a spectator event, it’s unrealistic to think that WoW will suddenly (in its 15th year of existence) become a force in the esports space with PvE content. It wasn’t designed with competition in mind…the prestige is what draws them, not the paycheck,” he said. “The MDI will open a door, not be a destination.”

Could the MDI be relegated to an entry-level competition?

On that note, what does this mean for teams seeking to climb the summit of Mythic+ progression? The lack of a lucrative reward compared to other esports competitions could relegate it to an entry-level competition. This means the MDI could be a test for aspiring esports players to establish their esports credentials. As it currently stands, there are certain ways to guarantee high Raider.io scores: roll a team of blood elves. Thankfully, the changes to Arcane Torrent could force teams to experiment with various race, class, and spec combinations. Until the release of the new Battle For Azeroth dungeons, we don’t really know whether or not it will remain an entry-level competition.

Jdotb acknowledged that EU far outpaces NA in terms of competition.

“The only region that has shown it is dramatically ahead of the rest of the world is EU. There were several teams in EU time trials that just missed the regionals cut that were clearly superior to all but a handful of teams from the rest of the regions. I’m not sure it’d be an exaggeration to say that EU could’ve taken a second group of eight teams and still had more talent in that group than some of the other regions,” he said.

The NA/EU divide has been a point of debate for multiple expansions. This far predates the discussions regarding Mythic+ progression. In my 12 years of playing World of Warcraft, the EU region has always been a step ahead. Today, we are no closer to the answer than we were back then. Despite Blizzard being an American company, you can go to the forums or any World of Warcraft site and see that no one really has the answers. Are EU players simply better? Are NA players simply not that good? This could be an article in its own right. The debate rages on.

Could Battle For Azeroth signal a paradigm shift in Mythic+?

There is no doubt that many classes and specs are being reworked for the new expansion. Jdotb acknowledged this as well. “The one thing I’m really looking for in M+ in BFA is meaningful healer engagement in every dungeon,” he said. “There needs to be some kind of damage coming out that makes a healer feel necessary and (perhaps more importantly) challenged at times. I want more bosses where my performance as a healer matters, where my mistakes will mean a wipe, and where my mastery of my class is tested.”

This may have been in response to teams rolling one tank and four DPS, all with amazing self-heal capabilities, to push high Mythic+ dungeons. Hopefully Mythic+ dungeon groups see healers as an integral part to any push for high keystones in Battle For Azeroth.

What do you think of Jdotb’s insights into the MDI, esports, and Mythic+ dungeons in general? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Beta: Updates to Darkshore and Stormwind

Burning Teldrassil updates

The beta contains some updates on what happened to Stormwind Harbor and Darkshore.

Alliance players will see some updates to Stormwind Harbor and Darkshore in the beta. The burning of Teldrassil has forced its inhabitants to seek shelter elsewhere. As a result, there is no longer a boat to Darnassus; a ship to Boralus has taken its place.

Stormwind Harbor updatesDue to the burning of Teldrassil, Gilnean and Darnassian refugees are now scattered throughout the city of Stormwind.

Updates on Gilnean and Darnassian refugees

Since Teldrassil’s burning, the harbor seems to be the center of activity for the Darnassian and Gilnean refugees.

Updates to Stormwind Harbor

There is a portal to Darkshore from Stormwind, allowing players to see the burning of Teldrassil itself.

Portal to Darkshore update

Teldrassil itself burns in the not-so-distant background. As a result, the skies around Darkshore are overcast, with the flames and ash drastically altering the background of the area.

Updates to Darkshore More updates to Darkshore

An NPC, Zidormi, can take you back to a time before the burning of Teldrassil.

Updates to Darkshore Zidormi

When will these changes take place? While players can still roll a new level 1 Night Elf character at any time, these changes take place after hitting 110 and purchasing Battle For Azeroth.

Some fans have given feedback on the recent changes. Commenter ArchieAngel said, “This. This is what I want more of in general. Alliance military standing around after battle, going over orders and all of that…It just feels so much more immersive to me. Is it like that for anyone else? Especially the harbor area. I hope they add stuff like that to other parts of the city. Also, those knights with the Warfront gear are SO good.”

What do you think of the latest changes to Stormwind and Darkshore? For Horde players, are the latest story changes that are present in both areas worth leveling as the opposite faction? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Beta: New Mounts, Pets, Reputations, and Toys


The latest beta build has uncovered some new achievements, mounts, pets, reputations, and toys.

There’s always a wealth of information in beta builds. There are new rewards for adding to your massive collections of mounts, pets, toys, and even achievements. Collecting 350 mounts will reward you with the Biting Frostshard Core, and 400 mounts will net you a Tempestuous Skystallion.

Beta Biting Frostshard Core

Beta Tempestuous Skystallion

Reputation rewards will also be updated in Battle For Azeroth. Players with 80 exalted reputations will net them the Admired title, while players with 100 exalted reputations can avail of the Esteemed title. The Spectral Phoenix is also a possible reputation reward for players with 100 exalted reputations. However, as one commenter pointed out, there are still less than 100 reputations in the game currently. This means players won’t be able to get the Esteemed title or the Spectral Phoenix mount in the first content patch of the game.

Beta Spectral Phoenix

Collecting 400 toys will reward the player with Brutus, and some new battle pets include the Rescued Fawn, Hearthy, and Rooter. Hearthy is a Hearthstone-themed elemental pet.

Beta Hearthy Pet

The Uldir raid meta will reward the Bloodgorged Crawg mount. Defeating Mythic G’huun will give players the Purified title.

PvPers will also get some titles: for the World PvP meta, players can receive the Conquerer of Azeroth. Players who win 50 duels will get the Duelist’s Tabard. Those who complete the Dueler’s Guild meta will have the Contender’s title.

Beta Duelist's Tabard

Missions, Warfronts, and the Heart of Azeroth will also have specific achievements.

Missions and Warfronts also have new achievements. The Heart of Azeroth, the new artifact neck piece, also has achievements surrounding it. As of this writing, there are three types of Azerite attuned armor that we know about. These pieces are the helm, shoulders, and chest. It is possible that there could be more Azerite attuned armor pieces come August 14.

What do you think about the new mount, reputation, pet, toy, and PvP rewards? Let us know in the comments below!

Rage 2 Gameplay Unveiled at Last

Rage 2 concept art

After the Leaks and Teases Comes the Rage

With leaks from companies such as Walmart and Bethesda, it seems Bethesda and ID are ready to unveil the sequel to the hyper-violent title, Rage. In the past week, we’ve seen a unique PR pitch roam Bethesda’s twitter. All of which speculated to a brand new sequal to 2010’s Rage. In a new trailer released by the company, Rage 2 is seeking to deliver a mad max experience with a small hint of Borderlands. The gameplay shown off reveal several aspects of what we can expect. These include a plethora of different enemies, and several guns and vehicles with which to eradicate them.

However, it seems that ID Software will not be the only studio working on the title. As confirmed by a press release from Bethesda, Avalanche Studios is working closely with ID Software to bring this project to life. Acalanche are the makers of the popular Just Cause series of open world games. A fun quote found on social media helps hype up what to expect:

“RAGE 2 packs a carnival of carnage so intense it can only come from two legendary AAA studios. That’s right, this is a f****ing AAAAAA game.”

Rage 2 has had no release date announced yet, with Bethesda only hinting at a release window for Spring 2019. So, Whether the sequel will follow the plot of the original Rage remains unknown. However, Bethesda has released a press release summarizing the games story:

“Ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs roam the open roads and the tyrannical Authority seek to rule with an iron fist.” You play as Walker, “the last Ranger of the wasteland and a threat to [The Authority’s] power.” Your character is robbed of his home and left for dead, but you must now “rage for justice and freedom.”

Bethesda has also confirmed the return of Nanotrite powers and several vehicles from the first game. In a statement released by Bethesda, it seems the vehicle count will be quite massive:

“From monster trucks to gyrocopters, use an assortment of rugged and wasteland-ready vehicles to speed across the badlands. If you see it, you can drive it.”

Bethesda has already confirmed the presence of Rage 2 at their E3 conference. With the date being set for 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET on June 10 (2:30 AM BST / 11:30 AM AET on June 11). Confirmed so far: Rage 2. The rest remain a mystery. However, Bethesda has teased that it may be the longest conference they have ever hosted.

Are you excited for the release of Rage 2? Let us know in the comments!

Rubber Duckies Take Over Fortnite – Where to Find Them!


Rubber Duckies have begun to appear across Fortnite’s Map for this weeks Battle Pass Challenge.

Fortnite began season 4 just a few short weeks ago, and have not failed to deliver fresh new content to the already insanely popular game. Week three’s challenge consists of searching for rubber duckies across the map, as well as several other tasks.

Fortnite, Week 3 challanges, Tilted Towers, Rubber Duckie

Players are sent out to find 10 rubber ducks throughout the map. The spoils will be 5 Battle Stars for those who complete the rubber duck challenge.

Battle Royale

Where are Those Ducks?!

Here is a list of where you can find the ducks:

  • Over in retail row, a duckie can be found in Retail Row by the water tower at the bottom right in square H6
  • After picking up the duck at F10 head over to F9, the bridge on the left there should be a duckie for the taking
  • When you’re over by Fatal Fields, check out the lake in square G9
  • If you are heading south over by Lucky Landing, there will be a duck in square F10
  • • In Loot Lake near a boat docked by the big tower. Square E4.
  • At E2, look near the top of the waterfall next to Anarchy Acres
  • The Big house at Lonely Lodge J4 has the Duck you’re looking for
  • You will be able to pick up another duck in Moisty Mire at H9
  • Snobby shores contains a rubber duckie in the empty pool in square A5
  • There is a second duck over at Retail Row, check the building on the top left in H6

If you’re feeling extra ambitious here are the rest of the challenges for the week:

  • Watch a Match Replay
  • Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers
  • Deal damage with Pistols to opponents
  • Follow the treasure map found in Salty Springs
  • Search Chests in Lonely Lodge
  • Sniper Rifle Eliminations

If you would like to quest for those cute little rubber ducks, you need a Battle Pass. The battle pass costs 950 V bucks, or roughly $9.99. The Battle Pass provides, skins, emotes, and other items. These are unlocked by completing challenges, like the Duckie challenge.

Battle For Azeroth Beta: Tameable Unicorns


Unicorns will become part of the hunter pet collection in Battle For Azeroth.

Senior game designer Jeremy “Muffinus” Feasel has confirmed the existence of tameable unicorns in Battle For Azeroth.

The file, named “horse2” (possibly as a placeholder or an inside joke by the devs themselves), comes in several colors: brown, dark, green, and white. These will be tameable hunter pets in the next expansion. This means that hunters can add these unicorns to their already-overflowing pet collection and show these off to their friends (although it is unknown how rare these pets will be). It is unknown where you can acquire these tameable pets at the moment.

Brown unicorns

Dark unicorns

Green unicorns

White unicorns

There seems to be a pattern Blizzard is following: introduce something as a mount, then as a tamable hunter pet.

In fact, the idea of tameable unicorn hunter pets is about two years old. However, there are already unicorn mounts, which may throw into question why Blizzard needs to have unicorn hunter pets.

Forum poster Tindomerel said back in 2017, “Odds are, we won’t be able to tame these until next expansion. That seems to be the model they’ve been using for a while now.” This may lend credence to the theory that some mounts may be available as hunter pets later on. However, without official confirmation from Blizzard, this is merely speculation.

In 2016, forum user Dipsee even made a post petitioning Blizzard to make them tameable pets. One user, Mechanier, noted, “Why would you let us summon them via dire beast and not even be able to tame them? Can someone explain to me how I can call a wild animal to help me (communicate with the animal) but I apparently don’t have the capability to convince that animal to stay with me forever?”

What do you think about having unicorns as tameable hunter pets? Will you be collecting them all? Let us know in the comments below!

Overwatch Announces Free Weekend For Anniversary Event

Overwatch Characters

Overwatch is celebrating its second birthday! And, as always, Blizzard goes above and beyond with their celebrations.

Overwatch Anniversary

Overwatch is celebrating its second birthday, and Blizzard goes above and beyond with their celebrations. This is made particularly clear with their game events. They are no strangers in releasing free to play weekends for their games. So, it comes as no shock when they announced the next free to play Overwatch weekend.

The dates to mark on your calendar are May 25th through May 28th. Similar to last year, this free weekend lines up nicely with their anniversary event. This event will begin on May 22nd. Free to play weekends are perfect if you are curious about the game yourself. Or, some of those friends still hesitant to hop on the hype train. Blizzard writes the following in a blog post:

“for this free weekend, we’re making Overwatch’s full roster of 27 heroes and 18 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including quick play, custom games, and the arcade…”

“…Players will also be able to level up, earn loot boxes, and unlock a variety of different customization options for their heroes”.

Players are also able to fully partake in the anniversary event. During this weekend, players are eligible for all the current and past anniversary loot. What this means is that, unlike other game trials, you do not have a limited play experience until you purchase the game.

And, anything you earn on your account during the free weekend is saved on your account once you purchase the game. All of those coveted, archived skins can be yours, too. Just be sure to use the same Blizzard, Xbox Live, or Sony Entertainment from the free weekend.

The game is available on all the major platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Blizzard and PlayStation also confirm that PlayStation 4 players will be able to play all modes without having a PlayStation Plus subscription. One last perk: there will be no scheduled maintenance during the free weekend.

Now is your chance to give a new game a go, or to sweet talk all your friends into playing with you if you’re already a veteran player. Game on!