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EA Game Changers Program To Begin Accepting Applications

image of teh oval space at ea fifa
EA Fifa

The Game Changers program offers benefits such as early access and exclusives.

Electronic Arts have opened up applications to their Game Changers Program. If you have an online presence, you are more then welcome to apply. The online presence could be Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and more.  You can find out more information on the dedicated information page EA has set up for the program.

image of ea game changer playing ea fifia
EA Fifa

Game Changers is a community partnership program. This program empowers storytelling, and offers early gameplay access. The idea is to put the community at the center of events done by EA. Many players love storytelling, especially in games such as The SimsSo, the storytelling experience is a desired aspect among the Sim players, as well as other gamers.

As a game changer, EA will train and invest in you. In fact, they will even help you reach your goals. You also have a chance of being in the spotlight and shared on EA’s social channels if you are chosen to be a Game Changer. Currently, space is limited, but in the upcoming months, this could change.

image of the oval space at ea
EA Fifa

The program is still in Alpha stage so that it could change drastically in the next few months. They hold training events that help their creators on Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube learn the latest in editing, content creating, and more. EA will require full disclosure, which is understandable. They expect transparency with every game changer they have.

EA does not partner with influencers, agencies, or talents that do not support full disclosure. The game changers will have complete control over their content. EA will not approve their opinions or material. Though, the content will be monitored just to ensure the requirements met.

image of ea game changers graphic
EA Game Changers

Are you going to apply for the Game Changers program? Let us know in the comments below what you think?


Battle For Azeroth Beta: War Mode Available For Testing

War Mode PvP

Will War Mode represent a huge shift in PvP?

We previously covered the new approach to PvP in Battle For Azeroth. Simply put, War Mode enables PvP talents in the open world and gives better rewards, but subjects the player to attack from the enemy faction. This may be the answer to players who have complained about world PvP (specifically, the lack of it). Blizzard has turned on the mode for testing, allowing players to give feedback on what is working and what can be improved.

War Mode enlisted buff

As of this writing, turning on War Mode gives 15% increased experience. At max level, this turns into 10% extra rewards from completing world quests. Players can avail of increased gold or artifact power.

War Mode sample talent tree

In the current iteration of War Mode, players can select a PvP trinket and three PvP talents from Legion. One can pick between the classic PvP trinket, Adaptation (automatic removal of any crowd control effect longer than 5 seconds, with a cooldown of a minute), and Relentless (20 percent reduction in the duration of crowd control effects).

War Mode sample talent tree 2

War Mode sample talent tree 3

You can select three additional honor talents depending on your playstyle. You might select crowd control-related abilities if you want to keep the opposing faction away from you. A more offensive-minded player might select abilities that increase damage or stats associated with the player’s class and spec.

As with everything in the beta, nothing is truly final.

Game designer Phalanx said on the forums, “We will be doing some changes to honor talents based upon core class changes to selected classes. We may introduce new honor talents as well where appropriate. That said, I’d caution against expectations of huge sweeping changes or revisions to the current talents. We shouldn’t underestimate the possibility of new gameplay surfacing from the fact that you can choose among all of the honor talents in the new system.”

That being said, are you looking forward to War Mode? What direction do you think Blizzard is taking regarding PvP? Let us know in the comments below!

World of Warcraft Gold Worth More Than Some Real-Life Currencies

Gold in World of Warcraft

Are you farming World of Warcraft gold? You might be (relatively) wealthy.

World of Warcraft gold has been a market in itself. In past expansions, gold selling sites would take to creative ways to advertise their websites. One such method was to have floating level 1 characters spell out the URL to gold selling sites. These sites would use hacked World of Warcraft accounts to advertise these services. Thankfully, there are now various ways and means for players to block and report these individuals from ruining the game experience.

World of Warcraft gold worth more than Venezuelan bolivar

World of Warcraft gold is so valuable that it is even worth more than the currencies of entire countries. One of these countries, Venezuela, has been experiencing massive inflation in recent years. One dollar is worth about 10,000 World of Warcraft gold, while one dollar is worth almost 70,000 bolivares. This is based on the black market rate, namely because the country is currently in political and economic upheaval.

World of Warcraft currency, as of this writing, is worth more than several other real-life currencies as well. The Indonesian rupiah ($1 = IDR 14,096), Iranian rial ($1 = IRR 42,024), and Vietnamese dong ($1 = VND 22,783) are all worth less than World of Warcraft currency according to XE Corporation.

World of Warcraft petro cryptocurrency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro launched a cryptocurrency called the petro in February 2018. The cryptocurrency is allegedly backed by Venezuela’s vast oil and mineral reserves. The petro is equivalent to the price of a single Venezuelan oil barrel, much like World of Warcraft has set a price for a token (1 token is now approximately 200,000 gold, or $20). There are also reports that the bolivar will be revalued in June 2018 as the bolivar fuerte (strong bolivar).

What do you think of all your in-game gold farming efforts actually being worth it? Do you plan to farm even more World of Warcraft currency for the new expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

World of Warcraft Player Gets Jail Sentence For DDoS Attack


World of Warcraft is subject to DDoS attacks on a regular basis, but now there are consequences to those actions.

World of Warcraft and other online games are subject to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks because malicious individuals find a way to disrupt everyone’s gaming time. What is a DDoS attack? A DDoS attack is a way to make an online service unavailable by flooding the servers with requests from multiple sources.

Below is a visualization of what a DDoS attack would look like. While these attacks happen on a regular basis, it seems that those responsible slip through the fingers of Blizzard and law enforcement. Business returns to normal—at least until the next attack.

DDoS Attack Example

The man identified in the attacks is 38-year-old Romanian Calin Mateias. Mateias launched the attacks on World of Warcraft EU servers back in 2010. Some of the reasons he carried out the attacks were because of loot issues and membership in raid teams. There will always the occasional disagreement between who gets what piece of loot and who will be part of the team that gets to do Mythic raids. Mateias took it a lot further than that, disrupting the gameplay experience for everyone in the EU.

Mateias received an indictment in 2011 and was in custody since November 20 of last year. In February, he pleaded guilty to one count of intentional damage to a protected computer. He received a year of jail time as a result. Mateias also had to pay Blizzard Entertainment $30,000 for labor costs.

Mateias’ arrest may prompt DDoS attackers to think twice.

While Mateias’ sentencing may not be huge news by itself, European law enforcement recently shut down Webstresser.org, which was a facilitator of DDoS attacks. The website allowed users to pay for DDoS attacks against big and small websites alike. Law enforcement arrested the admins for their role in numerous attacks dating back to 2015. Actions were also taken against site users. These users originated from the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Spain, Croatia, and Hong Kong, among others.

Should DDoS attackers be subject to harsher penalties? Let us know in the comments below!

Death Garden Closed Alpha Begins Tomorrow

Death Garden,Behaviour Digital

Death Garden’s Closed Alpha launches tomorrow and hopes to create a solid foundation for the game.

Behaviour Digital will begin their closed alpha testing tomorrow for their new upcoming Asymmetrical Dystopian shooter: Death Garden. Players will don roles of either a runner or a hunter. Hunters chase runners on a procedurally generated map while they complete objectives.

Deathgarden,Behaviour Digital

Testing Begins on May 9th and will continue until May 13th until the end of the day. This testing period will serve as a period for feedback on gameplay and  to build an online infurstructure.

Some may be familiar with Behaviour’s other asymmetrical horror title, Dead by Daylight. Death Garden hopes to polarize the experience of the game in numerous ways. Dead by Daylight is a slower, more cautious game of hide and seek. Where as in Death Garden, Runners stand more of a chance to defend themselves against the deadly hunter in a fast paced environment with a more vertical terrain . Players will also be able to choose a loose role to play in fending off the Hunter stalking you. Each round, on top of choosing a class, players have access to a skill tree where they need to choose which powers to upgrade. The creative director, Ashley Pannell, wanted to create a competitive game

where controls are always responsive for both the runner and the hunter. It is about the users’ abilities and the choices they make to master the map.

DEATHGARDEN, Behaviour Digital

We were fortunate enough to experience Death Garden at PAX East 2018, and were very pleased with what was showcased and look forward to what’s to come. For a full recap of Death Garden, check out our first impressions.

To get all the details, players can watch the Kickoff Livestream on May 9th, at 2PM EST on Twitch.tv/deathgardengame. For those who want to participate in Deathgarden’s PC Closed Alpha program visit www.deathgardengame.com.


Battle For Azeroth Dungeon Preview: Waycrest Manor

Waycrest Manor entrance

Waycrest Manor is the ancestral home of the Waycrest family.

Waycrest Manor is home to the Waycrest family. However, the drust and their leader Gorak Tul have taken over the mansion, corrupting Lady Waycrest on the way. Her daughter, Lucille Waycrest, has sought to reform the Order of Embers to combat the drust and Gorak Tul himself.

Waycrest Manor entrance

There are four bosses in Waycrest Manor: the Heartsbane Triad, Soulbound Goliath, Raal the Gluttonous, Lord and Lady Waycrest, and Gorak Tul himself.

Heartsbane Triad

Waycrest Manor Sister Briar

Waycrest Manor Sister Malady

Waycrest Manor Sister Solena

The Heartsbane Triad consists of Sister Briar, Sister Malady, and Sister Solena. The tank picks up the sister with Focusing Iris while the other two are stationary. The party must damage the players who have Soul Manipulation. Each sister has an interruptable spell, so these should be interrupted as much as possible to reduce damage. Sister Briar will cast Jagged Nettles on a player and healers must heal up the damage. Players must move away from the group with Unstable Runic Mark.

Soulbound Goliath

Waycrest Manor Soulbound Goliath

The Soulbound Goliath starts with an ability called Soul Harvest, which increases its damage by 5% every 2 seconds. This effectively makes the fight a DPS race. Tanks have to kite the boss into Wildfire to reduce the damage increase and pop defensive cooldowns for Crush. Party members will also be impaled, so DPS have to break out anyone affected by Soul Thorns. Burning Brush hits all party members with damage, so healers have to be prepared for that as well.

Raal the Gluttonous

Waycrest Manor Raal The Gluttonous

Raal the Gluttonous is the third boss of Waycrest Manor. In addition to summoning adds, he eats them to gain 5% increased damage. His Tenderize ability inflicts massive damage on whoever it targets, and players will have to use personal cooldowns to mitigate the damage. In addition, healers will have to heal up those targets. Rotten Expulsion sprays Nature damage in various points in the room, so players will have to avoid those as well. Players will have to slow and kill adds as well as avoid Rotten Expulsion to stop this boss’s hunger.

Lord and Lady Waycrest

Waycrest Manor Lord Waycrest

Waycrest Manor Lady Waycrest

The fourth boss (or bosses) of Waycrest Manor are Lord and Lady Waycrest themselves. Lord Waycrest starts the fight off engaging the party in battle. Players have to avoid Discordant Cadenza, which hits anyone standing in it for Shadow damage. DPS will have to burst down Lord Waycrest and spread out to avoid spreading Virulent Pathogen, a DoT that slows players and inflicts Shadow damage. Tanks will have to use defensive cooldowns to mitigate Putrid Vitality, which increases the boss’s haste and damage. Tanks will also get a DoT effect from Wasting Strike. After Lord Waycrest dies, Lady Waycrest brings him back and sacrifices herself, but joins the fight when Lord Waycrest is at 10% HP.

Gorak Tul

Waycrest Manor Gorak Tul

Gorak Tul returns in Waycrest Manor, having previously encountered his herald in a scenario Thros, The Blighted Lands. Like in the scenario, Gorak Tul summons adds and hits enemies with Darkened Lightning and Death Lens, with players having to step between the beam and the target. Players will have to spread out and kill adds. What makes matters worse is that the adds can be resurrected unless players use Alchemical Fire to take them out for good. Dread Essence can hit everyone for damage as well.

What do you think about the new dungeons in Battle for Azeroth? Let us know in the comments below!


What are the Enchanting Changes in Battle for Azeroth Beta?


The Enchanting Profession Has Some Significant Changes Coming in Battle for Azeroth.  Is Enchanting Still a Strong Profession?

It looks like weapon enchants will be making a comeback in Battle for Azeroth.  Some of our old enchantments will remain, but there are some significant changes coming.  Here are the latest updates to enchanting, compiled from the beta test server and Wowhead.

Along with ring enchants that boost your secondary stats, glove enchants will be available to boost your professions, similar to what we saw in previous expansions.  You can boost crafting, surveying (alchemy), skinning, mining, and herbalism with glove enchants in BFA.

Players may be surprised to learn neck and cloak enchants are not currently available in BfA.  You will notice that other enchantments appear to be added instead to make up for this change.

Enchanters will see the return of weapon enchants with BfA.  Players can get a boost of 35% to their attack speed for 10 seconds with the Gale-Force Striking enchantment.  Users can get a boost to elemental spells by 20% with the Torrent of Elements enchantment.  The Siphoning weapon enchantment allows the user to obtain an extra 7% leech.  Players can also receive an occasional mana regeneration with the Coastal Surge enchantment.  You may also be introduced to another currently unnamed enchantment to help reduce the threat.

Along with the above weapon enchants, there is also a new group of enchantments that provide a boost to secondary stats.  You can receive a critical strike increase with the Deadly Navigation enchantment.  The Quick Navigation enchantment will provide a haste boost.  Masterful navigation imbues the weapon with a mastery buff.  Users can enchant their weapon with Versatile Navigation for a versatility boost.

Players can even increase armor with the Stalwart Navigation enchantment.  Each of these stat enchantments has a stacking effect and, once fully stacked, lasts for 12 seconds, providing a significant increase in that stat for the duration making these enchants very powerful for many players.

Players can also now enchant bracers to provide one of three hearthing benefits.  Users enchanting their bracers with Cooled Hearthing will have five minutes removed from their hearth timer.  Safe hearthing allows you to have an absorb shield while hearthing, which will most likely allow you to hearth safely even while in combat.  Crafters can also create the enchantment Swift Hearthing, allowing players to have a faster cast to their hearthstone.

WoW pvp feature

Crafters will also find interested in the PvP wands Honorable Combatant’s Salutary Scepter and Honorable Combatant’s Sorcerous Scepter.  Both of these wands offer 11 intellect and 16 stamina along with 12.23 DPS and require level 120 to equip.

Enchanting continues to hold an important place in BFA for crafters, and will likely have many sought-after enchantments to help boost player performance.  What do you think about the changes?  Let us know in the comments!


Battle For Azeroth Beta: Thros, The Blighted Lands Preview

Jaina Proudmoore Thros, The Blighted Lands

Thros, the Blighted Lands is a scenario involving Jaina Proudmoore.

Thros, the Blighted Lands is an upcoming scenario in Battle For Azeroth. Jaina Proudmoore’s absence in Legion was a blow to Alliance fans. Jaina attempts to bring the people of Kul Tiras into the Alliance. Jaina’s reputation among the people of Kul Tiras is less than welcome, as she was allegedly responsible for the death of her father, Daelin Proudmoore. Lady Ashvane also convinces Jaina’s mother, Katherine Proudmoore, to exile Jaina. Jaina’s presence on the BlizzCon 2017 badge indicated that she would play a huge role in Battle For Azeroth.

Thros, The Blighted Lands

The map here is an altered version of Drustvar. The scenario takes place in the Crimson Forest (hence why the rest of it is grayed out). You will follow Katherine into the area to pursue Jaina. You will have to confront her images and try to find the real Jaina. Daelin makes an appearance here, as well as the Herald of Gorak Tul. Gorak Tul is also the final boss of the Waycrest Manor dungeon.

Herald of Gorak Tul

In the scenario, the Herald of Gorak Tul summons adds and hits enemies with Darkened Lightning and Death Lens. To take out Death Lens, one has to step in between the beam and the target. Players will have to kill adds and stay spread apart, as Darkened Lightning can jump to other players. In addition, the adds can be resurrected by the Herald himself.

To permanently destroy the adds, one must use Alchemical Fire to prevent the corpses from resurrecting after the Herald reaches 100 energy. Dread Essence hits everyone for some damage as well.

It may be rumored that Jaina could be a raid boss in a future content patch, but this is all still subject to speculation. What do you think is in store for Jaina? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Dungeon Preview: Siege of Boralus

Siege of Boralus City

Siege of Boralus is a new dungeon in Battle For Azeroth.

We previously talked about Siege of Boralus during alpha, and now the entire dungeon is playable. Lady Ashvane and the Freehold pirates, under the influence of Queen Azshara, assault Boralus after a failed attempt to get Katherine Proudmoore to resign as the leader of the city.

Siege of Boralus City 2

There are five bosses in Siege of Boralus: Chopper Redhook, Sergeant Bainbridge, Dread Captain Lockwood, Hadal Darkfathom, and Viq’Goth.

Chopper Redhook

Chopper Redhook and his Irontide forces are wreaking havoc on the streets of Boralus. He fixates a random player with his Meat Hook. This gets faster with Boiling Rage. In addition, he summons adds that the party must defeat. To make matters worse, players have to deal with constant cannon bombardment and Heavy Ordinance. Tanks must run over these mines. If Heavy Ordinance explodes, the entire group gets massive damage.

DPS must kill adds and hit the boss if not targeted by On The Hook, while tanks must stay out of melee range during Heavy Hitter. Healers must make sure that any damage is healed up.

Sergeant Bainbridge

One of the officers of the Kul Tiran church, Sergeant Bainbridge will make sure that anyone who opposes him will die a painful death. Much like Chopper Redhook, he uses his Hangman’s Noose to fixate on a random player. Also like the previous boss, he will summon adds and fire cannons at players. DPS will have to kill adds like before, and damage the boss if they are not fixated. Tanks will have to face Sergeant Bainbridge’s attacks away from the party and kite him around due to Heavy Hitter.

Dread Captain Lockwood

Another boss who summons adds, Dread Captain Lockwood retreats to her ship and fires at players, hitting them with damage and leaving a DoT effect on them. In addition, the boss also fires Blast in the area. Players must pick up Unstable Ordinance and throw them at her ship to get her to come back to the battlefield. Tanks have to face her Crimson Swipe away from the party as well as avoid a cone attack called Clear The Deck, which can knock back players.

Hadal Darkfathom

Hadal Darkfathom is a sea giant summoned to Boralus from the depths of the ocean. He will summon pools of water called Break Water that need to be avoided. These knock players into the air and inflict nature damage to the entire party. At full energy, he will summon a Tidal Surge that envelops the battlefield, which players must avoid.


Lady Ashvane has summoned Viq’Goth in her attempt to destroy Boralus. Players will need to rescue cannoneers to repair cannons that will allow the party to damage Viq’Goth. Viq’Goth uses Call of the Deep to attack areas on the battlefield and will occasionally spew water at the party for some damage plus a DoT effect. Those who have Putrid Waters should run away from the group and have a healer dispel them. DPS will have to attack Gripping Terrors to release cannoneers, while tanks will attack Demolishing Terrors to prevent them from using Hull Cracker, which will deal massive damage to the party if the tank is not within melee range.

What do you think of the dungeons so far? Are you enjoying the beta? Please let us know in the comments below!