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BREAKING: Mythic Plus Bounty Announced


Wowhead announces a bounty for the First Mythic Plus 30 in the alloted time!

Raider.IO, Warcraftlogs, and Wowhead have all teamed up to provide bounty prizes to the entire team for the first group to complete a mythic plus 30 dungeon in the alloted time.  In the past few days, the world’s first mythic plus 29 was completed on time.  Now, the World of Warcraft is watching and waiting to see the first 30 completed within the time limit.  Wowhead has released the following wanted poster just for this event:

Mythic Plus Wanted Poster
Mythic Plus Wanted Poster

Everyone seems to be on-board the hype train, and it is not slowing down any time soon.  The first group to achieve this feat will receive a year of Wowhead premium, a mount of that player’s choice from the Blizzard store, a year of Raider.IO revered, and a year of Warcraftlogs platinum.  This prize will be provided to every player in the winning group.

You may be asking what would prompt a bounty with substantial rewards for a mythic plus dungeon?  The excitement began when two groups both completed Lower Karazhan 29 in time within an hour and a half of each other last week.  The affixes during the week were sanguine, grievous, and fortified.  One group consisted of a blood death knight, holy paladin, affliction warlock, windwalker monk, and fire mage.  The other group was comprised of a vengeance demon hunter, holy paladin, assassination rogue, affliction warlock, and windwalker monk.  The groups received the scores 612.4 and 616.7 for their runs, giving them the highest current scores for mythic plus in the game.

warcraft, wow

It is notable that all of the players -except one- in these two groups have a Raider.IO score greater than 6000.  Many of the players are closer to a 7000 score.  The lowest ranked player current score of just above 5700.  Competition will be fierce among these two groups, and, any others who wish to try to beat the timer.  Dungeons have already been gaining excitement due to the mythic dungeon invitationals.  This adds yet another element of excitement to dungeons, bringing them further into the forefront of the PVE experience.

What do you think of seeing a bounty like this for a mythic 30 in time?  Do you plan to push mythic plus content more because of this new bounty?

Archaeology: What’s New in Battle for Azeroth Beta?


What are the New Archeology Items in Battle for Azeroth Beta?

Do you love the archeology profession?  Do you farm the content and obtain the mounts, toys, and other available items each expansion?  Are you the opposite?  Does archeology make you want to pull your hair out, and therefore you avoid it like the plague?  Either way, there are some interesting items that can be obtained with this profession in Battle for Azeroth that may make it worthwhile for you this expansion.  Here are the latest updates compiled from the beta test server and Wowhead.

First of all, players will have the option to solve both the Drust Archeology Fragment, and the Zandalari Archeology Fragment.  Both fragments cap out at 200.  Each of these fragments provides three different rare items. So, Archaeologists can obtain a pet, a mount, and a trinket from either one or both of these fragments.  The image below comes from Wowhead as one of the available archeology mounts.

archaeology, bfa, mount
Archaeology Mount Available in BFA Beta

You can summon a ghostly dancing witch with Dance of the Dead toy.  The Pile of Bones will teach you to summon the Restored Revenant mount.  The Fetish of the Tormented Mind is a trinket that’s on-use ability will slow your target’s attack and cast speed by fifteen percent over five seconds.

Players can summon a plague of toads with the Croak Crock toy.  Users will have access to a Direhorn Hatchling mount with the Intact Direhorn Egg.  The Sanguinating Totem will allow you to drain an enemy’s health and, as a result, provides some healing to yourself.

Interested in how the other professions are coming together in beta?  You can also review our guides on enchanting and alchemy.

Archaeology continues to offer unique mounts and pets that make it a fun hobby with unique rewards.  What do you think about this profession?  Do you complete the quests each expansion?  What more would you like to see from archaeology in the future?  Let us know in the comments!



BREAKING: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Coming Back Thanks To NBC!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Picture from Fox

Fans rejoice, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved!

NBC has officially picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for season 6 24 hours after Fox canceled the show. Outrage poured out onto social media on Thursday when Fox announced it was canceling the show after season 5. Unsurprisingly fans petitioned through Change.org and gained over 20,000 signatures in just under a day. Although there were rumors that Hulu was interested in picking up the series both Hulu and Netflix both passed on the show.

However, NBC has said that season 6 will only have 16 episodes compared to the 22 episode seasons we were given on Fox. But regardless we are just happy to have our favorite cops back!

The cast of the show are ecstatic with the news and have been tweeting out their appreciation. Melissa Fumero who plays Sgt. Amy Santiago announced the shows good news to fans on Twitter saying:

Joe LoTruglio who plays Dt. Boyle tweeted out his love to fans also:

There’s no doubt that the internet is rejoicing right now especially with the last 2 episodes of season 5 still looming. And now we have confirmation we will see Amy and Jake post-wedding!


World of Warcraft History: Leeroy Jenkins


Leeroy Jenkins was one of the first World of Warcraft memes when it came out 13 years ago today.

Leeroy Jenkins is one of the main memes that catapulted World of Warcraft to Internet popularity. But what are the origins of the meme? On May 11, 2005, the guild <PALS FOR LIFE> uploaded a video to WarcraftMovies. The guild was doing a run of Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS). Leeroy’s guildies were discussing the strategy on how to continue in the instance, but Leeroy came back from being AFK and instantly pulled the next room. His guildies flew into a panic. Leeroy’s antics caused the guild to wipe, and they naturally blamed Leeroy out of frustration. You can rewatch the entire scene in all its glory below.

Leeroy Jenkins became an Internet phenomenon overnight.

Leeroy Jenkins has made its way into popular culture since its release 13 years ago. It became part of a question on the game show Jeopardy!, and was even mentioned on the TV show How I Met Your Mother. Leeroy also became available as an action figure holding a chicken leg in his hand when a World of Warcraft miniatures game was released in 2008. The meme was also mentioned in TV shows such as Family Guy, Psych, Heroes Reborn and My Name Is Earl.

Leeroy has also made it into the world of academia. In 2009, the Armed Forces Journal titled an article “Let’s Do This!: Leeroy Jenkins and the American Way of Advising.” This article discussed the approach of American forces advising Iraqi indigenous armed forces during the Iraq War.

Leeroy Jenkins in Jeopardy

Leeroy has his place in the Blizzard universe as well. There is an achievement in UBRS where you need to kill 50 rookery whelps in 15 seconds. In addition, during Warlords of Draenor, you can help an NPC also named Leeroy Jenkins clear UBRS (again) and recruit him as a Garrison follower. Both of these achievements also grant the Jenkins title to players. In Hearthstone, he has his very own card, and in Overwatch, Winston has a voice line that makes a reference to the Leeroy Jenkins incident. “I calculate our percentage of survival at 32.33%, repeating of course.”

Was Leeroy Jenkins real or staged?

Fans were wondering for years whether or not the Leeroy Jenkins incident was staged or real. Ben Schulz, the player behind Leeroy Jenkins, made an appearance at BlizzCon 2007. He refused to confirm or deny its authenticity for many years. However, in late 2017, Schulz admitted on the World of Warcraft forums that the entire thing was staged, posting a first take of the now-popular Internet meme.

Do you have fond memories of Leeroy Jenkins? Were you playing at the time? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Beta: PvP Itemization, Ranking System Explained

PvP itemization

PvP itemization and ranking are undergoing further changes.

It is fair to say that World of Warcraft PvP community has felt neglected in recent years. However, Battle For Azeroth promises a greater focus on PvP. We previously covered War Mode, which is a revamp of World PvP. A blue post has talked about the PvP itemization methods that are being explored currently in the beta.

PvP itemization

World of Warcraft game designer Phalanx, who primarily works with the PvP aspect of the game, said that there will be some major changes to both itemization and ranking. “In BFA we are doing some meaningful re-structuring of the PvP itemization system, as well as the ranking system. We’re still massaging the system, but we’d like to share some details which may help alleviate some of your concerns.”

The changes in ranking aligns World of Warcraft with its other competitive games such as StarCraft and Overwatch. While PvP titles will remain, there may be a system similar to the other two Blizzard games (i.e. Gold, Platinum, Diamond). There will be UI changes that will also reflect the player’s ranking in the region, which could also expand to rankings on the server and other pertinent data so that PvP players can remain competitive.

PvP competition

Those seeking to gear up via PvP will receive rewards that are commensurate to their rating. For example, a 1600-1800 ranked PvPer will have a chance to receive loot that is equal to Normal raid loot. Those above 1800 will have a chance to receive Heroic-equivalent raid loot.

Blizzard seeks to keep it simple when it comes to epic appearances and other rewards.

While players will gain Conquest by doing PvP activities, players will also receive appearances based on their rank. The appearances will be rewarded as you achieve that rank. Those who are seeking to be among the 0.1% in PvP rating and ranking may receive additional appearances as well.

Do you like the PvP changes in Battle For Azeroth so far? Is there something you might have done differently? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Beta: What’s On The GCD?


The GCD has been a point of contention in the Battle For Azeroth beta.

The beta has had numerous abilities go on and off of the global cooldown (GCD). You can find a comprehensive list of what is currently on the GCD and what isn’t on it here. However, all things are subject to change in the beta, and Blizzard recently announced that they will be removing all racial abilities and on-use trinkets from the GCD.

GCD issues

Josh “Lore” Allen said in a blue post, “Yeah, we agree that having racials on the GCD isn’t feeling great. Having to press multiple buttons in a row that don’t do anything but increase throughput isn’t particularly engaging. While we can resolve that issue within the context of a spec’s toolkit, racials (as well as on-use trinkets) add an extra layer on top of that. So, in an upcoming beta build (likely next week), we’ll be taking racials and on-use trinkets back off of the GCD.”

What did Lore mean by resolving the issue within the context of a spec’s toolkit? It depends on whether or not you know the spec you are playing within your class. One commenter, Slant, tried to clear the air on what Lore meant by his statement. “They acknowledge it’s still a problem for some specs but they can fix that. Fixing racials and trinkets shared across multiple classes is a much harder nut to crack.”

Another commenter, Bladelocke, echoed the sentiment of a portion of the player base. “It is not fun to hit buttons that literally do nothing but apply a buff during your DPS rotation,” he said. This sort of logic may apply to people who are attempting to achieve high parses.

What do you think should be on the GCD? What shouldn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

New Mythic Keystone Records Set

Mythic Keystone dungeon

The Mythic keystone race reached a lot of new heights.

Last week’s Mythic keystone affixes were quite favorable to groups who were attempting to build their keystones. The affixes were Sanguine, Grievous, and Fortified, which made it ideal for AOE-heavy groups. Reaching the heights of Mythic+ progression has been a recurring theme in Legion.

Two +29 keystones were completed last week. This is the first time in this expansion that a team cleared a +29 keystone. The first +29 Mythic keystone in the world was Lower Karazhan. The team that completed this Mythic+ was a blood death knight and holy paladin. The three DPS were an affliction warlock, a fire mage, and a windwalker monk. This shows that the team was built for a continuous stream of AOE.

Mythic Keystone +29

Last week was so favorable to Mythic+ groups that every dungeon except Black Rook Hold had a new record. Another team cleared the same keystone and set a new record for the most points ever from a dungeon on Raider.io.

Another new Mythic Keystone record

The composition for the second clearing included a vengeance demon hunter, holy paladin, assassination rogue, affliction warlock, and windwalker monk. It seems that there are a lot of common class/spec combinations this expansion. This will obviously change in Battle For Azeroth. One commenter, Stym, said about the meta, “We’ll still see some popular/race comps, they just won’t be the same ones as in Legion. Here’s to hoping there will be more variety.”

Another interesting thing to point out is that each member of both teams was playing a blood elf. This is a testament to the power of the blood elf racial ability, which will be changed in Battle For Azeroth.

What do you think about these teams reaching new heights in the Mythic+ race? What’s the highest keystone you’ve cleared? Let us know in the comments below!

Battle For Azeroth Beta: Mag’har Orc Recruitment Scenario

Mag'har Orc

The Mag’har Orc is one of the new allied races in Battle For Azeroth.

Although it was one of the allied races we previously covered, we now have some clues as to how to recruit this allied race. Recruiting the Mag’har Orc allied race is still subject to change between now and when Battle For Azeroth releases on August 14.

Mag'har Orc playable race

The Lightbound, a fanatical Draenei sect, is hunting the Mag’har Orcs to force them to worship the Light. The Lightbound Draenei are the alternate universe (AU) version of the Lightforged Draenei. This is a callback to Warlords of Draenor when the Draenei and the Orcs agreed to work together. Sylvanas is able to re-open the portal to Draenor, albeit the AU version of it.

In the AU version of Draenor, Yrel is apparently the leader of Lightbound Draenei (or at least occupies a high-ranking position within the group). Durotan and Draka have a daughter, Geya’rah. In this version of Draenor, Garrosh apparently joins the Lightbound forces. The line that indicates this says, “Some orcs even sided with the draenei against their kin…even the warchief’s own son was lost! We call those traitors Lightbound.”

The timelines cross over in one specific incident: when Grommash and Eitrigg from different timelines speak with one another.

Other dialogue during the scenario indicate that Grommash and Eitrigg from different timelines interact with one another:

Grommash: It has been many years since I set eyes upon a green-skinned orc. And this one at your side is…familiar. You come from Azeroth.
Eitrigg: Indeed. I am Eitrigg, and this is (character name), champion of the Horde.
Grommash: Eitrigg…I knew an Eitrigg who served Blackhand. He was an honorable orc who died in glorious battle.
Eitrigg: And the Grommash Hellscream I knew gave his life to free us from the grip of demons. A worthy death.
Grommash: Well then here we are…two old ghosts. Why have you returned to Draenor after all this time?
Eitrigg: Heroes from my world once freed yours from the grip of tyrants. Now Azeroth faces a similar threat, so we have come to ask repayment of that debt.

What do you think of the scenario? Will you be playing a Mag’har Orc in Battle For Azeroth? Let us know in the comments below!

Path Of Exile: Incursion Coming June 1

Path of Exile Incursion

Path of Exile is releasing a new expansion, Incursion, next month.

Path of Exile has become one of the most widely played dungeon crawlers today. The game is currently available on both PC and consoles. New expansions and leagues give players the ability to test out features that could possibly be rolled into the main game itself. DVS Gaming spoke with Chris Wilson, producer and developer at Grinding Gear Games for Path of Exile, about the new expansion, Incursion.

Incursion Temple of Atozatl

“The short term and long term goals in Incursion are to make the content replayable,” Wilson said. He pointed out that the content cycle will bring new leagues and/or expansions every 3 months. The upcoming expansion involves players rerolling fresh characters and a new economy.

The expansion involves exploring the Temple of Atzoatl, which was built during the height of the ancient Vaal Empire. The re-discovery of the temple during Incursion has prompted players to explore it in the past. The explorer Alva Valai will open a portal into the past to enter the Temple of Atzoatl. According to Grinding Gear Games, you can run the full temple every 11 areas and get 10 full Temple runs by the time you finish the main quest.

Incursion Temple Map

The choice is yours in what you want to upgrade in the Temple of Atzoatl.

The rooms in the temple will change if you perform specific actions in the past. You can upgrade rooms and open up new pathways to other rooms during each run. Killing enemies increases the time limit you have during each run. Upgrading each room, however, represents an increase in difficulty. Depending on your playstyle and what you want out of the temple, you’ll have to choose wisely to upgrade a room (usually by killing another architect) and choosing which pathways to open. For example, upgrading the Poison Garden room will result in players getting damaged over time via poisonous plants. These get stronger with each upgrade. However, if players are seeking specific rewards, they might want to upgrade specific rooms and survive the challenge.

Wilson also stated that the new expansion represents two layers of difficulty: the rush of a time trial and quick decision-making skills that require players to constantly be on the move. What do you think about the new Path of Exile expansion? Let us know in the comments below!