My Introduction to Overwatch.

About 3 months ago, a friend who has nagged me since the release of Blizzard’s Overwatch had finally convinced me to give it a try. Initially, I was unimpressed by both the game-play and PVP.  I found it extremely difficult to get one kill with any character I played. It soon became a running joke that I needed to be carried like a newborn. I also was dumbfounded when it came to game objectives, causing me to be the most hated player in every lobby. But, after the first tedious month (yes month, don’t judge me! ?) I began to find my niche with a very unusual main, Jesse McCree.

Who is McCree?

Overwatch lore states that Jesse McCree was once the leader of a gang of bandits and hooligans called the Deadlock Gang. But, after being captured, SGT Reyes a.k.a. Reaper offered him a choice join his group and do some real good, or rot in a cell. Naturally, McCree accepted the offer. And, after years of fighting for Overwatch and Blackwatch, McCree decided to leave the group. He decided to dispensing his own brand of justice. Armed with his trusty, beautiful peace-keeper revolver, McCree became a vigilante of sorts; kicking butt, and taking names.

You, Me, and McCree.

The average player might find McCree to be an absolute catastrophe. This is due to being overpowered from the launch. Then, the inevitable and devastating nerf which essentially caused McCree to turn from a DPS monster into a Storm Trooper. Since the start of my brief -and continued- Overwatch career, I have used McCree as a main. Despite the many warnings from other players, I have managed to utilize Ol’ Jesse’s seemingly useless arsenal to pull off wins in not only quickplay, arcade’s various modes, but also competitive. My KDR isn’t the greatest, nor is my accuracy, but I progress with improvements with every game. Now for a few complaints: McCree’s Flashbang has always seemed extremely ‘janky.’

Certain times when thrown it seemingly hits the enemy directly, then there are times when it hits 100 feet away from its designated target, and the range on the Flashbang is very shallow.  Best tip I can offer: get in close, fan the hammer, use combat roll for that automatic reload, and then hit the enemy with the flashbang. Go for a head shot or two. At best you land almost all the hammer shots, and only need to stun them to get 25 damage. Once you do this, pop a headshot and go about your merry way. Worst case scenario: you miss all the shots, disorient your enemy and stun them fast enough to get a few rounds off before dying tragically.

Jank-High Noon

From the start of Overwatch, ultimate abilities have been a make or break staple of game play. Some people pull off a win with Orisa’s supercharger, and others fail using Junkrat’s tire. One ultimate ability that has not remained as effective during the course of playtime is McCree’s Dead Eye. There was a point where a quadruple kill was possible without trying, but now you’re lucky if you live passed the initial load time to get the kill shots (literally every damn time.) I yearn for the days when the booming sound of Jesse McCree’s Layrnx statin “It’s High Noon” to strike fear into the hearts of all those on the battlefield, but alas we are stuck with missed opportunities.

” Reach for the Sky”

In summary, most players might find it difficult to pull a kill, yet alone a win with McCree. And, he is often seen as a “forbidden fruit” to the pros due to his play style. But, for some players like myself, and few others when in the right hands, McCree can be one BAMF!