Fina-lly!!! Summertime!!!!!

Now that the O.W.L. (Overwatch League) Finals have come to an Explosive Conclusion, we all await next years tournament. In the meantime Blizzard has blessed us yet again, not only with Battle for Azeroth, but the OW summer games!

Last Years Games.

Last years games brought back the ever popular Lucioball. It also brought a new arena in Sydney, Australia as well. But, with a twist: introduced competitive play for Lucio ball as well! If you aren’t familiar with Lucio ball here is a minor breakdown to help you get the gist. Three players on each team, a goalie, left striker and right striker. The strikers attempt to make it past the goalie and score a point. Every player is set as Lucio, with his basic skills, but minor changes. Think Rocket league minus the cars.

The new Legendary Skins introduced last year were also as hot as the midsummer heat. The introduction of Cmdr: Jack Morrison sporting BBQ attire (would even put your father to shame) Mcree in Cali Surf’s up mode and, widow maker Dressed down into a sun lounging casual wear were the three that stood out. There were certainly more including Genji’s all white Japan cyber suit and Junkrat’s full on Cricket Gear.

New Year, New Skins, Same Game.

This years summer games -once again- brought back the joyous Lucioball, and the competitive play introduced last season. It clearly has become a fan favorite summer game. Along with this years summer games new skins have been introduced for: Brigitte a swedish themed called, Tre Kronor,  Reinhardt received an American Football Gridironhardt, Followed up by Moira’s Èirennach irsih theme. More skins released have been assigned to Sombra, Ana, D.Va Roadhog, Winston and Zenyatta, tune in to the summer games and play to unlock these amazing new skins with summer games loot boxes and as always have fun!

Let us know in the comments how stoked for the summer games you are, and which skins you think are amazing.