What’s New in Overwatch?

Anyone who’s been playing Overwatch for a significant amount of time knows the games basic event schedule. The next event is the Summer Games, which generally begins in the first two weeks of August, followed by a new hero release in July.

This summer, the predicted schedule seems to be a bit different. According to this developer update, the Summer Games event will be happening much earlier than anticipated. Alongside the event, there will be mini-challenges each week for new character skins.

Hero 31 Speculation

The newest hero, Hero 31, will also be released later than fans predicted. Developers hope that some extra time will make him an unusual and interesting character. I’m glad they’re releasing him when he’s fully functional and not to meet a set schedule.

Of course, this makes us wonder, who is Hero 31? Following the release of Baptiste’s short story, fans believe the next hero might be Mauga, a Talon character introduced in the story. Mauga is a former squad-mate of Baptiste from before the medic escaped Talon. Looking at the few pictures of him, it’s easy to see why people think that he’ll be the newest tank hero.

Mauga and Baptiste Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Other Changes

Alongside these event changes, there are also a few quality of life improvements. Subtitles will be accessible for those with hearing loss or for people who like to use them.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, the developers are implementing a new system to deter cheating in the game. According to the update, the game will automatically shut down a match where cheating is occurring. This abrupt ending to a game will not affect the SR of anyone else if it happens in a competitive match. The cheater will also be heavily punished, which will hopefully discourage others from making similar decisions.

I’m looking forward to seeing how these changes improve Overwatch. While it’s a small step, it feels like moves like this could drastically change the game. Events could be unique, and maybe we’ll even start seeing some more original hero lore. One can only hope.