The Official Twitter of Overwatch released a teaser yesterday pointing at hero 28.

Hero 28 we believe may be another primate like Winston, but in the Twitter post, 2 possible heroes are teased. Blizzard, as we know, are masters of surprise.  Furthermore, there are teasers in the new updated version of the Horizon Lunar Colony map.  We’ve tried to get in to play the new map, but it is group only. So, we would have to wait 10 years to get 2 groups to play the map as outlined out in yesterdays post on the Looking for Group article.


Ohnickle, we think, has some pretty great theories on hero 28 as viewed in the video below.

Sombra is getting buffed again

Jeff has vaguely hinted at Sombra’s changes. Perhaps they have figured out how to fix her hack again to accommodate the stun meta everyone endured in season 10. (One can only hope.) So, Sombra underwent a significant hack buff a few months ago. So many people thought her to be wildly unbalanced, which ultimately resulted in a nerf to said hack. As a result, players have taken to forums to state what they would like to see from a Sombra buff.

  • Reduce her Stealth’s Delay from 0.7 seconds to 0.5 seconds
  • EMP, when activated now, resets Sombra’s TranslocatorIncrease from 5.5mph to 6.0mph
  • Now displays the hacked opponent through walls just like hacked health-packs

Many Sombra mains feel her Delay is killing her. Sombra is supposed to be a hacker. How many hackers take forever to finish the job? If they take too long the job does not get finished.

What do you think about hero 28? Furthermore, how do you feel about Sombra being buffed again? Let us know in the comments below!