Stage 2 Recap

Overwatch League Stage 2 is coming to an end and with it comes the beginning of the second Stage Playoffs. A lot happened during this Stage, but here are a few of the most memorable moments.

Dallas Fuel Homestand

For the first ever away game, the League teams flew to Allen, Texas to face off for Week 4. Dallas Fuel hosted this event, and it all went down in the Allen Event Center on April 27th and 28th. Not every team played during this week, in fact, only eight teams fought over this weekend. Most importantly, the Dallas Fuel won 4 – 0 against the Los Angeles Valiant. It would have been embarrassing to lose on their home turf.

Dallas Fuel in the Allen Event Center Courtesy of Hotspawn

There was also a blackout that occurred during the first game between Paris Eternal and London Spitfire. After 45 minutes, the power was back, and the games continued.

Erster’s Tracer

Ultimate economy in the League is perhaps one of the most crucial factors in a game. When used correctly, they can make or break a map. Unfortunately, League fans rarely see any high kill ults because they are typically used to get a pick and make a push. Unlike in lower ranked games, a single kill in the League essentially dictates who is going to win the oncoming team fight. On occasion though, the crowd witnesses an ult that takes out half, if not more of a team.

Take Erster’s Tracer ult from Week 2 against the Washington Justice, for example.

His ult not only killed four members of the opposing team, but Erster went on to take down the reaming two and ace a team kill. We don’t get to see plays like this that often.

San Francisco Shock Win Streak

San Francisco Shock made history during their game against Shanghai Dragons on May 5th. The Shock won the match 4 – 0 which solidified not only the first position of the Stage 2 rankings but also made them the first team to win every map in a stage. The Shock went 7 – 0 in Stage 2 and managed to win a total 28 maps while tieing and losing 0. Pretty impressive improvement from their Stage 1 matches.

While this Stage was intense and exhilarating for all fans, it’s not over yet. The Stage 2 Playoffs of the Overwatch League run from May 9th to the 12th.