Week 2 Matches of Interest

On Thursday, the London Spitfire went up against the Washington Justice. Spitfire looked unlike themselves until they somehow managed to reverse sweep the Justice for a 3-2 win.

On Friday, after a 42 game losing streak, Shanghai Dragons finally achieved their first win against Boston Uprising. Dragons won 3-1. Viewers could hear the crowd in the background chanting “Let’s go Dragons!” Even Geguri was crying. It was a great minute for the Dragons, for at that moment everyone was rooting for them. The victory was even sweeter knowing that main tank for the Dragons, Gamsu, formerly played for the Boston Uprising. It’ll be a prideful victory for players and viewers alike for games to come.

Shanghai Dragons Courtesy of Dexerto

On Saturday, Philidelphia Fusion lost to Dallas Fuel with a 3-1 win on the side of Fuel. This victory came after Jayne, the assistant coach for Dallas Fuel, talked trash about Fusion’s GOATS line up. Carpe, not willing to let it slide, said he hoped Fuel was ready to lose to some trash GOATS. Of course, this was all in good fun, and Jayne complimented Carpe and mentioned that he expects the team to bounce back quickly. Honestly, we need some team rivalries in the League. It makes things a bit more interesting.

On Sunday, New York Excelsior beat Houston Outlaws 4-0. The matches were so short it felt as if Excelsior was speed running through the games. This match and Excelsior’s confidence is a clear sign of the team’s skill and ability. I’m expecting some intense games from them in the future. Or maybe they’ll steamroll everyone.


Currently, New York Excelsior is at the top of the standings with a +8 map differential. Following them is the Vancouver Titans with a +7 and Paris Eternal with a +3. You can see the rest of the standings here.

As expected, Week 2 brought some memorable games. What was your favorite moment from the Overwatch League? Let us know in the comments!