Overwatch League Begins

The first week of Overwatch League has come to an end, and what a wild week of games it was. There were some unexpected highlights, wonderfully executed plays, and a lot of GOATS. There were so many teams running the three tank, three support meta, that both the casters and the crowd got excited when a DPS character occasionally showed there face. The games primarily consisted of Zarya graviton surge combos with well placed D.Va bombs or Reinhardt shatters. While this meta was not unexpected, I wish we saw a few more creative plays from the teams. Fans did see Symmetra utilized in the League for the first time when Surefour decided to play the hero against Seoul Dynasty.

Week 1 Matches of Interest

Fans of Philidelphia Fusion highly anticipated the first matchup versus London Spitfire on Thursday. Like Season 1 Grand Finals, fans got to watch the two go head to head in a battle that ended with a 3 – 1 win on the side of Fusion. Carpe, one of Fusion’s DPS players, shined in a way not previously seen during the Grand Finals. It was fun to see him back at the top of his game.

On Saturday, Los Angeles Valient fans were surprised when Hangzhou Spark beat Valient 3 – 2. Spark, a team who joined the League just this season, offered welcome competition to the home-team favorite. Spark’s claim to fame this week was there tank player Ria, who landed some amazing triple and quadruple kill D.Va bombs on the opposing team.

Sunday consisted of three, map five tiebreakers. The battle between Philadelphia Fusion and Atlanta Reign was hard fought, but Fusion just managed to grasp their second victory of Stage 1. The game between Los Angeles Gladiators and San Francisco Shock was certainly nail biting as well. Gladiators endured long enough to obtain a victory on map five. They were showing amazing team fight restraint, even after their loss of main tank Fissure to Seoul Dynasty.

You can see the standings after Week 1 here.

Teams to Watch During Week 2

Hangzhou Spark is a team I would suggest keeping a close eye on. Their main tank line is undoubtedly impressive, more so than I think people were expecting from their first season in the League. I’d like to see how Ria’s D.Va plays impacts the team moving forward.

Hangzhou Spark Courtesy of The Overwatch League

Boston Uprising seemed to be putting up quite a fight this week as well. Even though they lost to New York Excelsior on Thursday, their main tank Fusions was landing some crazy, game-changing shatters. I don’t know if anyone foresaw this type of skill from him right off the bat.

Lastly, I would watch the Los Angeles Gladiators. These guys have improved performance significantly since Season 1, and their support line is arguably the best in the League. As the castors mentioned on Sunday, Shaz is one of the best, well-rounded Zenyatta players and Big Goose had some clutch Lucio plays.

The first week of Overwatch League was impressive. Players and teams greatly improved over the off-season, and I’m excited to see where Season 2 takes them.