Bang ‘JJoNak’ Sung-hyeon

Players in the Overwatch League have signature characters. Carpe is an amazing Widowmaker, for instance. While most players are celebrated within their fanbase, and not so much by League fans as a whole, arguably no player is better known than New York Excelsior’s JJoNak.

JJoNak was voted 2018 League MVP by the fans, even though Excelsior did not walk away as the Inaugural Season champs, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does he fill an essential role on the team as a support player, but he also has impeccable aim. He wins 1v1s on his own and survives situations he quite frankly shouldn’t. It’s no wonder he’s the first Overwatch League MVP.

The New Skin

Anyone who delves into the world of League players can learn quite a bit about the individual talent. JJoNak, for instance, loves octopuses. He has a tattoo of one on his arm, and his name is even a combination of the Korean words “jjomullak najki,” which stands for “fumbling octopus.”

Of course, the newest Zenyatta skin took JJoNak’s love for this sea creature and turned it into something beautiful. Zenyatta’s orbs are tiny octopuses, and his head is an octopus chilling in a water tank. There are also tubs of water running the length of his body. The bottom half of the skin is similar to New York Excelsior’s League skins and has JJoNak’s number. I think it’s one of Zenyatta’s coolest skins next to his cultist look.

JjoNak’s Zenyatta Skin Courtesy of Don’t Feed the Gamers

Will There be More Player Based Skins?

I think this addition is a step to something great for the game. It almost guarantees future MVP skins. Maybe we’ll see skins for charitable figures in the community or for extremely dedicated fans who’ve done a lot for the game. It opens up a lot of new doors for potential cosmetic designs.

For your viewing amusement, here’s a great highlight video of some of JJoNak’s best moments both in the League and while streaming.