All-Star Event

Overwatch League 2019 All-Stars is a two-day event that pits the Atlantic and Pacific Divisions against each other. May 15th showcased a series of custom skill matches while May 16th was dedicated solely to the official All-Star game.

Schedule and Matches

Talent Takedown

The fun started with the Talent Takedown. For this event, coaches drafted teams made up of League players, casters, and analysts for a three-map set which consisted of an escort map, control map, and 6v6 lockout elimination.

The Atlantic team won this takedown 3 – 0 on Necropolis and 4 – 3 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. They lost 0 – 2 on Lijiang Tower, but their victory had already been secured.

Widowmaker 1v1

Following the Talent Takedown was the Widowmaker 1v1 Quarter and Semifinals. The top Widowmaker players from the League teams competed in a headshot only elimination bracket. Players could not use the assault rifle fire, and there were no capture points. The first to seven eliminations wins the match and advances in the bracket.

All-Star Arcade

The All-Star Arcade was a four map game, similar to those in League, except the game modes add additional challenges for the players.

Map 1: Sibling Rivalry. In this mode, there are three Genji’s and three Hanzo’s per team fighting to take back Hanamura. The match played out like any other assault mode.

Map 2: Healers Never Die. As the name suggests, this was a 6v6, support only match. There is also a one hero limit, meaning everyone had to play a different healer. It happened on the control map, Nepal.

Map 3: Terrible, Terrible Damage. Only everyone’s favorite DPS role was playable in this 6v6. The hybrid Hollywood map had a one hero limit.

Map 4: Keeping the Peace. This 6v6 match took place on the escort map, Route 66. Everyone had to play McCree.

Tiebreaker Map: Thanks, but No Tanks. This 6v6 on Blizzard World was played like any other hybrid match, except no one was allowed to pick tank.

The Stage before the Talent Takedown Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Pacific Division beat the Atlantic in the All-Star Arcade. They won in Sibling Rivalry, Healers Never Die, and Keeping the Peace. These games were a nice break from the typical League and GOATS meta we’ve consistently been seeing. It was simply top tier Overwatch players enjoying themselves.

Widowmaker 1v1 Finals

May 15th ended with the Widowmaker 1v1 Finals. The Finals are identical to the Quarter and Semifinals, except each player has to get nine eliminations to win instead of seven.

Surprising most of us, Diem, primarily a Zarya player for the Shanghai Dragons, beat out all other Widows in the League. His victory landed the Pacific Division with their second victory of the day.

Official All-Star Game

May 16th was the All-Star game. This game was identical to the usual League matches, but the roster was made up of a select few members from the Pacific and Atlantic teams. You can view the roster here.

The Atlantic Division won the All-Star Game rather succinctly 4 – 1. They were victorious on Nepal, King’s Row, and Paris before losing on Dorado. They came back after the loss and won 2 – 0 on Busan.

2019 All-Star Skins

Lucio and Mercy received a one of a kind makeover with the newest All-Star skins. The Atlantic Mercy and Pacific Lucio skins are available in the game for 200 League tokens until May 22nd. They cost about $10 each, but you can earn tokens by watching the Overwatch League or twice as many by watching the All-Star event.