Relying on Teammates

I love Overwatch. I’ve been playing the game since its release from Blizzard in May of 2016. The beautiful art style, exciting characters, and compelling lore make for an easy sell. Far be it from me to discuss the game in a negative light, but even as an avid Overwatch player, I’m more than aware of the game’s shortcomings.

I enjoy a good team game; being able to play with friends while simultaneously upsetting our opponents with solo ults and Lucio boops is one of my favorite things. That being said, competitive Overwatch relies almost too heavily on team coordination. Does the team want to run dive? GOATS? Six DPS? Unfortunately, the stubborn Tracer main on your team has gold damage and is carrying even though she seems to be spending more time stunned by McCree. Other player’s ranks and enjoyability of the game should not rely so heavily on someone’s refusal to switch characters.  Even with a well-placed DVA bomb or Zarya graviton, the game is likely to end in defeat. Now you have a bunch of salty players yelling about how they carried, and everyone else sucks before rage quitting the game.

Overwatch’s Use of Hero Counters

Overwatch has too many hero counters. Most team-based multiplayer games run the risk of creating a counter to make strong characters less viable. Overwatch takes this situation to the extreme. For instance, stun meta should not exist in the game, or at least not be as successful as it currently is. Hero’s that rely on their movement abilities, such as Tracer or Genji, become obsolete next to a similarly competent Brigitte or McCree. There are counters to stun meta, but a game so fast-paced and precise should not rely on continually switching heroes.

Brigitte Courtesy of Blizzard

Instead, Overwatch needs to reward players for outsmarting and outplaying other people. If a Brigitte misses a shield bash on an enemy Genji, assuming her team doesn’t come to help her, she should be dead. With the current hero balance, she only has to survive for seven seconds before her cooldown resets. The Genji rarely has enough time to break her shield, let alone kill her. If Brigitte had a longer shield bash cooldown – say ten or twelve seconds – characters that she hard counters would still have a chance. This type of hard counter applies to other characters in the game. Any stun or knockback can force DVA to lose her mech and Reaper tears through tanks, especially with his current buff.

These are just a couple of examples as to why Overwatch isn’t reaching its full potential. I still love the game, but I find myself getting tilted more than I ever did before. If a round’s only two outcomes are “fantastic” or “the worst round you’ve ever played,” perhaps its time to make some changes.