Another dedicated Overwatch fan has devised one of the most interesting concepts of which we’ve ever heard.

Artist Benlo has even come up with a backstory for his character, Khutulun, the eagle huntress. A native of Mongolia, Khutulun was part of a tribe which was known for eagle hunting (an interesting Mongolian tradition ) who’s village fell prey to the Omnics from The Last Omnic Crisis. Only her and her eagle, Sarnai survived. Though, gravely injured in the battle. Khutulun sought the aid of Dr. Angela Ziegler (better known as Mercy) to help her beloved eagle survive. Using the same technology used to save Genji, Mercy constructed mechanical wings to save Sarnai. Khutulun was so grateful that she became Mercy’s apprentice, traveling the world while her under her tutelage.

(Sarnai’s wings are very similar to Mercy’s)

This concept has a very exciting list of abilities as well. Let’s look at them.

(List of Abilities)

Passive: Side Step. While the eagle is on your arm you will gain a small burst of flight for a short period of time. If Sarnai is absent, pressing space will give you a short sidestep. Without Sarnai, Khutulun is more vulnerable.

Quick Shots will be her primary weapon; an automatic crossbow which fits the concept perfectly as she is a huntress. Sarnai will be her main source of damage, but she does need a defensive weapon to protect herself.

(E) Ability will be Cluster Grenades. Much like Ana’s, it hits and does a small amount of damage when it explodes.

Swift strike will allow her to throw Sarnai, and bring her back with the same keybind.

Her Heroic Ability, Fire Storm, will send Sarnai up into the air, releasing a firestorm into a certain area. This is extremely effective for destroying armor.

We think this concept is wonderful, and wish it would be incorporated into the game. To see how these concepts work, ‘Your Overwatch’ imagines this would work this way. Check out the concept demo in this video

Would you like to see this concept incorporated into Overwatch? Let us know in the comments!