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Overwatch P0rn is Huge

Two days after her debut, “Ashe” became one of the most searched terms on P0rnhub. Searches bearing her name were up 1233% over the average. For Overwatch in general, searches were up by 167%. The spike in searches for ‘Ashe’ comes during a time when Overwatch p0rn and Wild West (inspired by Red Dead Redemption) porn are in high demand.

Overwatch P0rn has Always Been Big

During the closed beta for the game, p0rn creators ripped the character models and spread them over the internet. When the open beta released, Overwatch searches increased by 817%.

On September 12, p0rnography website YouPorn revealed Tracer was the second-most searched video game character, behind Lara Croft. In January 2017, P0rnhub showed the top character searches were Tracer, D. Va, and Mercy. Moreover, they had all been searched for over a million times.

Male characters are hardly searched, as Overwatch’s fanbase seems to be predominantly straight males. Furthermore, the p0rn says much about the game’s playerbase. For instance, most female characters are portrayed in a submissive manner, unless they are depicted with a male appendage. There is also comedy in the p0rn scene, with Overwatch videos often being funny or having humorous descriptions.

In slight contrast, Overwatch er0tica is also common on Tumblr. Much of the content is romantic or fan-fiction oriented. The communities on Tumblr also consist of more women and LGBT people. Thus, there should be little surprise that the content emphasizes emotional bonds between characters.

Major p0rn studios like Brazzers have also jumped on the Overwatch train with the parody, Oversnatch. The game nearly cracks the top 10 most searched phrases, following P0rnhub’s end of the year review in 2017. When asked about the proliferation of his game’s characters as male appendage p0rn portraits, Jeff Kaplan had this to say:

“Nobody is trying to step on anybody’s freedom of speech or any of that, like totally love people’s creative expression.”

Despite this, various takedown notices have been issued to such content creators. The notices have been issued by the security firm Irdeto, who may have been hired by Blizzard.