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Conquest Weapon May be Going Away Next Reset

Get to the conquest cap before next week’s reset and you will get a fairly good weapon. However, next week’s reward may not be a weapon. It is safe to assume if you want a shiny new blade from PvP, now is the best time to work toward it.

What are Conquest Points?

They are the PvP currency used to acquire gear in Battle for Azeroth. Like past expansions, if you want gear from PvP, you want conquest as well. However, conquest acquisition is different from previous expansions. Of course, Random Battlegrounds and Rated PvP will reward them. However, the the elite sets are locked behind progression systems. There is also your weekly PvP quests located at Mugambala in Dazar’alor, or if you are an Alliance, Hook Point.

If you want a weapon of a different spec, but hit the cap in the wrong spec, do not panic. Upon going to the turn in, you can switch which weapon you want based on your loot specializations.

At an item level of 345, the weapon is a great upgrade for those still searching for a weapon, and who have yet to raid or do mythic dungeons. Following the reset, the cap is reset and increased.

As the season progresses, the item level of gear acquired will also increase. Meaning, the next big patch will see a rise in item level to correspond to the raiding scene’s new shinies.

What If I miss my Chance at the Weapon?


No, don’t do that. There are still many chances to acquire a weapon. However, they will not be 100% guaranteed. The weapons from the cap this week may turn into shoulders or helms next week, and so on. Players can still get weapons from winning PvP Battles, but again, they are not a sure thing.