RuneScape Mobile

Old School RuneScape, one of the most iconic MMORPGs, is coming to mobile devices.

RuneScape: a game of two halves. While the modern iteration of ‘RS3’ has continued to evolve over the past decade, improving graphics and adding endless content for users both old and new, the ‘Old School’ version of this classic title has maintained a much slower development pace. It harps back to the childhood nostalgia many of us today still hold dear, and now it’s available all on your phone, all around the globe:

Old School RuneScape has maintained its popularity for almost two decades.

Originally touted for a 2017 release, an Android open beta for the Old School version of the game has become accessible via the play store as of July 5th, 2018. Up to 250,000 users can now install, log in and play the game to their heart’s content. Needless to say, this a huge step forward for RuneScape in your palm – be it old or new – a port project which has suffered countless setbacks and delays quarter to quarter. The hope is to bring in new players and please current ones alike, it would seem, allowing for tasks both simple and complex in the game to be navigated via touchscreen and 3G on the go.

If you have mobile data, you can play the game on mobile.

No longer will exp gains be bound to your desktop or laptop Wi-Fi hotspots; now the grind is available wherever your device has service. Parent company Jagex clearly expect an increase in server activity as a result of the rollout, with 10 new worlds added to Old School in the last patch alone. RuneScape has certainly had its fair share of ups and downs over the years, but this certainly looks to be one of the best decisions of its long timeline so far.

RuneScape Old School on mobile

In today’s world, mobile gaming is where the money is at.

It is a move indicative of the gaming industry as a whole if we’re to take a step back. An enormous piece of the profit pie can be found in mobile gaming. More and more developers are migrating to the platform (note the PUBG and Fortnite ports in the last year alone). Old School Runescape will soon be competing against all manner of titles and apps. This is ultimately for your benefit. You, the consumer, can play mobile games as you go about your daily life. Want slots one day? Turn on data and hit up:

Slots, cards, and themed games are available to play to your heart’s content, for free or for cash. Want music? Download Spotify, Pandora, the works. Mobile phones and tablets are quickly becoming a be all, end all hub for our technical lives. Old School RuneScape open beta is just one more step in that direction. Nostalgic gaming, slots, bets, wagers and tunes all in one. It’s a futuristic dream that’s quickly becoming a reality.

It is a matter of when (not if) there will be a full release for mobile devices.

It is unclear when an iOS beta or full port release is on the way for the game. However, hopes for many users remain high given the recent news. If you’d like to take part in the Android open beta, you can find the download page here: You’ll need an active member’s RuneScape account, battery charge and slim thumbs to boot (we recommend a stylus) – good luck!