Patch 1.1

The developers at Respawn have done a lot to make Apex Legends a well-built, fun game to play. Even after release, the team works continuously to polish some basic functions that affect the overall playability. Patch 1.1, released April 3rd, added some improvements that players have been asking for since release.

Inviting Squad Members

Every once and a while, I’ll solo queue in Apex and end up with some cool squad mates. If I want to continue to queue with these people, I’d have to send them a friend request on Origin, and it was never worth the hassle. Most people playing the game felt similarly to me.

To counteract this issue, the newest patch gives players the ability to party up with their latest squad. When waiting at the squad screen, players can see the previous two people they played with and send them an invite to play again. This addition makes it much easier to make and keep friends in this fast-paced game.

Invite Your Latest Squad Members Courtesy of Reddit

Of course, not everyone wants to make friends with the random squad mates they’re assigned. If that’s the case for you, you can turn off invites from the Friends menu.

Other Quality of Life Fixes

We’ve all played a game where someone leaves their open mic on, and you can hear everything they’re doing. It’s annoying, and I always wish I could teach them how to use push-to-talk without sounding abrasive. Well thanks to the Apex developers, you now have the option to mute your entire squad. While this game is built around communication, the ping system for enemies and loot make a mic almost unnecessary. Now you don’t have to listen to the mouth breathers or, for some reason, the terrible in-game voice audio quality.

Wraith and Mirage Courtesy of All Gamers

The reporting system for Apex also saw some improvement. When reporting on PC, you can now select Cheating or Other. This change suggests we may see reporting for toxicity sometime in the game’s near future. One can only hope.

These are the most important additions from the newest patch. Being able to play with new people you work well with or muting them if you’d rather not use comms are simple changes that improve the game immensely. Though these changes are quite small, it proves to players that the Apex team cares about them. Now if only we could escape the aimbots and speed hacks.