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Warfronts Found in Script

Warfronts have spilled over onto all corners of the old world. A reddit user has discovered a very interesting script command in-game, hinting at the new wars to come.

Barrens Warfront: Attack the Southern Barrens and break through the Great Gates of Mulgore.
Silvermoon Warfront: Assault the final Horde bastion on the Eastern Kingdoms, and cleanse our land of their filth.
Azshara Warfront: Launch a massive Naval assault on the home of Gallywix. Bilgewater will burn.
Battle for Stromgarde: Donate supplies to the war effort as the impending battle over Arathi Highlands nears.”

Stromgarde was not the last battlefield, and the Alliance has moved onto the offensive. Whether these zones will be ceded to the Alliance in the lore, or whether they will be contested forever is an open question. Moreover, could Silvermoon become the void elf capitol?

The Barrensthe barrens

This is not a surprise. Since¬†Cataclysm,¬†the Southern Barrens has been fractured along faction lines. With Camp Taurajo destroyed, there has been precedent for an Alliance advance. The attack stirred the Tauren. Their defense is long in the making. Baine Bloodhoof’s Great Gate protects Mulgore. The Alliance will have a hard time of breaking into the rolling plains.


Silvermoon is the last Horde bastion left on the Eastern Kingdoms. With Arathi Highlands being transformed into a new zone following the Warfront, this may mean flying will finally come to the elven city. Alleria was banished from the city during the Nightborne Recruitment Scenario. She may yet return.

Azshara Warfrontpleasure palace

The Bilgewater Cartel has terraformed and set up bases all over Azshara. It is a center of industry and war machines are built in great numbers there. Bilgewater Harbor would be a strategic win if taken, due to its nearness to Orgrimmar. Moreover, after crashing Gallywix’s neverending party, Alliance veterans are used to the zone.