Tortollan Seekers Quests

The Tortollan Seekers world quest Beachhead has become a meme in the latest expansion.

Those who are doing Tortollan Seekers quests may recognize the phrase, “A turtle has made it to the water!” This became a popular meme at the beginning of Battle For Azeroth. Players doing the world quest Beachhead had to defend turtles from crabs and seagulls so they could make it to the water. However, in Patch 8.1.5, there will be a role reversal. Now players can play a crab and prevent the turtles from getting to the water!

Tortollan Seekers World Quest

The world quest, called The Cycle of Life, will occur at the same spots that Beachhead does currently. You then become a crab and have to prevent turtles from making it to the water. You’ll then have an opportunity to take the shell of the turtle and throw it back towards any oncoming turtles. However, you have to avoid the Scroll of Blasting attacks that are coming your way. After preventing 20 turtles from making it to the water, Scrollsage Nola will remind you that all creatures in nature must live together in balance (hence the world quest name The Cycle of Life).

Could these world quests be a tribute to Ghostcrawler himself?

Former World of Warcraft game director Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street mentioned back in September, “Looking at ecology at large (not counting turtles specifically), removing predators can often cause a population explosion of prey species, especially prey that evolved with high reproductive rates to overcome high predation pressure.” Ghostcrawler was himself a former marine biologist and oceanographer. He does say that things might have changed since his marine biologist/oceanographer days. “I haven’t been an oceanographer for about 20 years now, so my understanding of some of these issues could be outdated.”

What do you think about the role reversal coming to Tortollan Seekers quests in 8.1.5? Are you ready to now prevent turtles from making it to the water? Let us know in the comments below!