Introducing the latest Warframe expansion, Fortuna. Image courtesy of Digital Extremes.

A New Open World to Explore

Fortuna is an exotic, open-world landscape on terraformed Venus. Equip your suit and dive into this new, free expansion for PC Warframe.

Digital Extremes provides a new, lore-driven experience in Fortuna. It promises something for veterans and new players alike.

The land of Fortuna is exotic and dangerous. Image courtesy of Digital Extremes.

The colony Fortuna is much like bazaars of Cetus in Plains of Eidolon. On the surface, the sprawling terrain has Orokin structures, giant mushroom forests, and endangered creatures. Below, Fortuna is an underground hub city with factories to clean rivers. Here, you can trade and get missions from the locals. But despite the apparent harmony, the residents struggle. Will you help them?

New Bondi, Warframes, and Gathering

Ride the rails on your new K-drive board. Image courtesy of Digital Extremes.

Fortuna introduced a new Bondi: K-Drive. This new mode of transport is like an extreme sport. Upgrade and customize your board with mods. Show off your moves with grabs, spins, rails, and more. Get extra points in combat by dismounting in mid-air, shooting enemies, then jumping back on while still airborne.

The new warframe, Garuda, uses health-based abilities to destroy everything in her path. Bring your own health down low to greatly enhance your damage output. Chain your tactics together to keep your energy high to boost shields and cut down your opponents.

New mechanics aid you in resource gathering. Extract ore to upgrade your gear and use special spears to catch robotic fish. There’s many endangered species around Fortuna. Track and sneak up on these poor animals to capture them and relocate them to a safer area.

Garuda is as beautiful as she is deadly. Image courtesy of Digital Extremes.

Meet New Friends and Enemies

A new faction called Solaris United has been introduced for this expansion. These cybords live in the debt-internment colony of Fortuna. Help these oppressed people by fighting their enemies, the Corpus occupiers led by the greedy Nef Anyo.

The Corpus bases are patrolled by giant robo-spiders. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, the rest of the terrain is littered with small and mid-range robo-spiders. New Corpus ground troop variants have been introduced. You can infiltrate their bases for rewards and bounties.

Afraid of spiders? I can see why. Image courtesy of Digital Extremes.

Warframe Fortuna is available now on Steam.