Paris Hype

Overwatch patch, released February 19, finally brought players the new Paris assault map we’ve been waiting for. This map certainly has some pros and cons, and after playing a few rounds on it, I’ve already seen quite a few compliments and complaints.


I think it’s best to start by mentioning what the map creators nailed. First, Paris is arguably one of the most beautiful maps to date. The attackers begin in Cabaret Luna, a venue where omnic singer Luna serenades the players while they create a plan of attack. When you step out of the venue, you can wander the streets and explore the shops. Eventually, you’ll fight your opponents near the Seine river and, if you are successful, at the Maison Marat. You can also play the piano, which I think is pretty cool.

The map also has a lot of potential for environmental boops. As a Lucio main, this makes me incredibly excited. Not only can players launch people into the river, but there are also good places to wall ride. You’re able to push behind the high ground or ride over arches with relative ease.


While I do enjoy playing on the new map, I do have a couple of issues with it. For instance, the first capture point on the map plays a bit like the Temple of Anubis. The choke point the attackers have to push through is tiny, and the defenders have high ground directly across from it. Currently, this isn’t a significant problem because defensive players have yet to find a successful strategy that utilizes the high ground.

Omnic Singer Luna in Cabaret Luna Courtesy of Blizzplanet

The second capture point plays out similarly to Horizon Lunar Colony’s second point. There are many indirect routes for the attackers to push forward, but the defender’s spawn distance easily counters this. Because of how close the second point is to spawn, defenders can sway the fight to their side, even if one of them is picked off at the beginning of the battle.

Now I want to clarify that, though it shows similarities to other maps, Paris is uniquely it’s own. It will not play out exactly like the Temple of Anubis or Horizon Lunar Colony. Players will find innovative ways around obstacles and, if the map proves to favor one side too heavily, the developers might even make changes. Overall the map is fun, and it’s an exciting addition to the current map pool.

Additional Patch Notes

Another notable change brought about in the most recent patch is the order of armor, shields, and health. Initially, the order was prioritized like this: non-recoverable shields, recoverable shields, non-recoverable armor, recoverable armor, non-recoverable health, and recoverable health. Now it’s ordered like this: non-recoverable shields, non-recoverable armor, non-recoverable health, recoverable shields, recoverable armor, and recoverable health. All this means is that a player will lose any additional shields, armor, or health given to them by other players before losing their typical shields, armor, or health. This change will improve the quality of life, especially those playing support characters.

What do you think of the new Paris map? Do you like it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments below!