Mythic Keystone dungeon

The Mythic keystone race reached a lot of new heights.

Last week’s Mythic keystone affixes were quite favorable to groups who were attempting to build their keystones. The affixes were Sanguine, Grievous, and Fortified, which made it ideal for AOE-heavy groups. Reaching the heights of Mythic+ progression has been a recurring theme in Legion.

Two +29 keystones were completed last week. This is the first time in this expansion that a team cleared a +29 keystone. The first +29 Mythic keystone in the world was Lower Karazhan. The team that completed this Mythic+ was a blood death knight and holy paladin. The three DPS were an affliction warlock, a fire mage, and a windwalker monk. This shows that the team was built for a continuous stream of AOE.

Mythic Keystone +29

Last week was so favorable to Mythic+ groups that every dungeon except Black Rook Hold had a new record. Another team cleared the same keystone and set a new record for the most points ever from a dungeon on

Another new Mythic Keystone record

The composition for the second clearing included a vengeance demon hunter, holy paladin, assassination rogue, affliction warlock, and windwalker monk. It seems that there are a lot of common class/spec combinations this expansion. This will obviously change in Battle For Azeroth. One commenter, Stym, said about the meta, “We’ll still see some popular/race comps, they just won’t be the same ones as in Legion. Here’s to hoping there will be more variety.”

Another interesting thing to point out is that each member of both teams was playing a blood elf. This is a testament to the power of the blood elf racial ability, which will be changed in Battle For Azeroth.

What do you think about these teams reaching new heights in the Mythic+ race? What’s the highest keystone you’ve cleared? Let us know in the comments below!